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Full Version: How to: Enlarge & Soften a Ball Gag
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Sometimes we have those ball gags that have seen better days. Or maybe they are a little too hard, too small, or the rubber gives off a funny taste. No problem! Here's a step-by-step on how to improve and customize your ball gag with only a few simple items.
Here's all we need. A ball gag, obviously. 1 or 2 nylon legs. Electrical tape. Scissors. The nylon acts as padding to bulk up and soften the ball. The electrical tape is used because it's a softer rubber-like material, and it comes in a variety of colors. Bonus!

Wrap the nylon around the ball, keeping it taught and centered on the ball. After the 1st leg is finished, continue with the 2nd nylon leg overlapping the 1st.

Once it's wrapped check to see how the fit is, making sure it's not too big. The tape will compress the nylon slightly so a tight fit is ok at this step.

Begin wrapping the tape in the same direction as the nylon was wrapped. Vary where the tape covers the ball, but pull it tight & smooth as the tape is slightly stretchy. Take your time and cover every bit of nylon that is showing.

All finished. The original ball was 2" diameter and it now stands at 2.25". The combination of the nylon & rubber tape adds some sponginess to the ball so the larger size is more bearable than a solid silicone ball of the same size. 

Mmmm. Nice! That's a good fit. And the bonus is if you don't like the color, peel off the tape and change it. Easy peasy.