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Full Version: [FOR SALE] Bondage short /chastity leather pants
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Bondage short - lockable chastity leather pants 

soft cowhide chastity pants
Everything can be locked!

Behind zipper needs to be replaced, at a local clothing maker it was € 12.50
You will have to take care of the repair yourself!
Pants can be closed, just to be clear!

Furthermore, pants are not broken !!

Bondage shorts - lockable chastity leather bdsm kinky pants

Bondage short - lockable
- without pockets
- closable straps on the legs and waist
- (locks are not included)
- lining 100% polyester

Size 33 S to M waist 84 cm
42 cm wide
39 high
Leg hole 25 cm

New value 165 EUR

Worn twice but not my thing!
shame its too small... always wanted a pair of those!