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Full Version: chair bondage
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I'm looking for some ideas for a bondage chair, do you have photos / ideas. I myself use the kitchen safe as a relase. so chains with locks and then keys in the box, for some time
I got an old school chair when a local one was having a clear up and updating their chairs to soft seats.

I can not loosen anything in this when strapped in using belts, rope, tree ties, cuffs, even zip ties.

But if you want a different chair, one I'd love to get is a Diletto, but strewth, the price!
I used an old "farmhouse" dining chair before... but what I did was have a larger that the legs sheet of plywood to provide stability and extra fixing points.
What I did when I have my 1mx1m plywood was find nearly the centre (more space for feet) then marked where the legs would site with a sharpie.
Drill a hole in the centre of each mark, and up into the leg of the chair (no one will ever look there!
Then screw the chair to the board.
Its now every unlikely you can tip it over.
You can put extra screw in eye bolts into the plywood or toe straps/wooden blocks so that when your feet are in position they are not moving.
It also give you the chance to raise the chair a bit so that you legs are not bent if you are tall, or raise your feet if you are short..
The ultimate in chair bondage?


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