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Full Version: Alternative rope armbinder idea
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Untested. But the idea is that instead of forming an armbinder via corset method instead you can use the more traditional handcuff style. You start out with a breast harness with a loop inside for the end of what i call the shearing rope, a coil big enough to put your arm inside behind you, the shear rope which is a prusik loop with 1 loop in it and a loop at the end and an anchor point of your choice. You thread the elbow coil through the loop in the shear rope and put the end of the shear rope through the loop in your chest harness and loop in around the elbow harness you also should have the prusik attached to somewhere else to take up the slack. The gist is that instead simply cinching down it instead pulls the coil both up and down allowing for use of a larger coil. You place your arm in the coil and use the prusik to tighten your new armbinder. It seems to be relatively simplistic and decently safe if properly measured.

Someone better at art redraw this if it is a good idea becuase mine is absolute **** and was done on a cheap chinese electronic dictionary.
Now that i think of it you do not really need two loops you can just shear it with one loop on your line and the chest harness loop. Will likely be testing tonight so I will let everyone know. Setup will be a ebi shrimp tie which i am familiar with that has an included chest harness and crotch harness.