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Full Version: Hi , I am iphose and new here.....
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....I love pantyhose and would love to post some Candid - Pix here !

What about posting Pix from Pay . sites , is that allowed and where to post ?

greetz iphose
Items from pay sites may be copyrighted.

Your own personal photos weather you’re in them or not are ok.

And welcome.
1. Welcome!
2. If the original site does not exist anymore, feel free to post the images (preferably in the Archive section)
3. If the original site still exists, I think it should be acceptable if a couple of images from a series is reposted here.
4. Video embeddings from public video sites (youtube, pornhub, xtube, etc) are welcome regardless the copyright, as long as the content resides on another platform - no problem.
5. A bit of piracy works as a free advertising campaign for the content creators, too much piracy destroys them
6. Use common sense