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Full Version: going encased on omegle
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Hello, I'm an 19 year old guy from the netherlands. Aight so I had this sort of idea for a while now, but I wasn't sure about how to do it. I think I have made a pretty solid plan, but I would like to hear your opions about it. I myself have a very big pantyhose, encasement and mummification fetish. I recently came across this video: ... hell-self/

I wanna do what he did, but only one difference. After the last layer I wanna keep my arms on the outside so I can put myself in a pantyhose armbinder. That just looks more sexy to me😊 and I wanna gag myself underneath just for fun. (I also thought about adding a vibrator, but I don't know I would operate it and if it's maybe a bit much. Some tips would be very welcome😊) Anyway, I wanna sit there on my chair in front of my desk dressed/encased and let the omegle camera roll and just see people's reaction's. So what do you think good idea??
thanks for the link thats one of the most impressive self encasements ive seen!!

As for your Questions..
Short of cutting a few access holes into the sides so you can get your arms out i can imagine it would be tricky.
If you were to use one of the Lovense products you could have it sound triggered and you could let other stim you?