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Full Version: Makeshift sensory deprivation with household stuff and a gag.
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So today i wanted sensory deprivation but had only a trainer ball gag. I found an older adult sized swimming hairnet(not silicone), gun range foam earplugs and a roll of self adhesive gauze. I used the gag, put in the earplugs which make everything silent and wrapped gauze to cover the harness gags poor blindfold and holding in the foam earplugs before putting on the hairnet. Could not hear see or smell anything and can be found with things likely at your house. 10/10
(25 Oct 2020, 10:25 )Lancer Wrote: [ -> ]hairnet
Try "pantyhose hood with gag":,
You pluged your nose as well?
Something I should post on another thread.
Let’s see if Ra can guess what it is.
(25 Oct 2020, 15:03 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]
(25 Oct 2020, 10:25 )Lancer Wrote: [ -> ]hairnet
Try "pantyhose hood with gag":,

Thanks for the reminder Ra, this gag is on my "ToDo" list now! Very creative and I'd totally forgotten about it.