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Full Version: Bull milker toy like Venus 2000 reciever
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I found a new toy on AliExpress:

This is meant to be used to collect the cum of a Bull, but it surely works on humans too. The function is similar to a Venus 2000 Receiver. You stick your penis inside and pump up the Chamber around the liner. By pushing and releasing the Rubber bladder, you can let the tube slip up and down on your penis. I didn't buy and test it yet, but it is cheap and should be verry nice! If you have a Venus 2000 you could use it as a receiver too.
Nope, doesn’t come up.
(11 Oct 2020, 21:12 )Tinker D Wrote: [ -> ]Nope, doesn’t come up.
Try again:
(11 Oct 2020, 21:58 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]
(11 Oct 2020, 21:12 )Tinker D Wrote: [ -> ]Nope, doesn’t come up.
Try again:
Thank you! Don‘t know why i couldn‘t copy the link correctly.
Link is dead, was it something like this?
This link should work better:
Sometimes, you search for potentially NSFW term on AliExpress and it quietly filters out the NSFW results and only shows the SFW ones.

If you then search for something definitely NSFW (like "sextoy"), confirm that you're over 18 when it prompts you, and then search for the original term again, it will now display all results.
Hm... That's interesting... Never paid attention to that.
Two thoughts come to mind:

-How do those Venus 9000 style toys compare to being stroked with a normal masturbator (potentially on a fucking machine)?

-Aren't literal bull cocks significantly bigger than human ones? I remember reading that good fit is dificult with Venus 9000 and the sleeves are made to size.