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Full Version: Homeworking in fetish clothing
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are there also people who use their fetsish now that they have to work at home? example working in latex at home? I would like to see examples 😊
I'm working from home now until I'm told otherwise. Not in rubber so far, just generic 'low-level fetish' women's office wear. They say 'Dress for the job you want, not the job you have' so I style myself on my line manager. I will say, I've learnt a whole new respect for my female colleagues!

My knickers ride up my crack, my tights sag at my crotch, and even my most sensible heels are a pain after eight hours (in a good way 😉  ). I think I've done with skirts now, it's going to be leggings or my Franky's from now on.

On the plus side, my ability to walk in heels rapidly improving. On the downside, when I join my colleagues for the daily roll-call via video-con femmed from the waist down it's initially exciting but in a minute or two it I become desensitised and forget about it, it's all just 'business as usual'.

A quick POV of my 'sensible' heels.

(21 Mar 2020, 10:38 )Culmor Wrote: [ -> ]......., my tights sag at my crotch, ......

There is an easy remedy for that: wear a leotard that closes at the crotch. This keeps the tights up and you can still go to the toilet without having to undress. For me, this is standard underwear.
Yes, I wear leos and tights all the time but this is a different fetish. A  'dress as your female colleagues' do thing, a bit like the Japanese  'Office Lady' kink.
Speaking of which, I've had a trawl through my collection and come up with this as the closest I can get to the 'Ultimate Fetish Office Lady'.


Plugged and caged, of course. I did wonder about did wonder about adding an open'faced black hood as well but I like the idea of the red ear-rings showing through the translucent one.

The inspector

I’ve done a day working from home dressed “normal”, a day wearing my normal heels and then a day in my ballet heels. Again look normal from the waist up in case video calls come in. 😊

Yes the wife is away all day. Only way I can get away with it.
(21 Mar 2020, 09:11 )slaafruben Wrote: [ -> ]example working in latex at home?
Too cold 😟
I wear my dildo belt with locks, and a latex body for the entire working day, keys go into my home-made timer locker.
You can't be too careful!

I had a very quick few hours earlier last week... latex Tshirt and some nipple clips for a few hours... that will be the last solo play for quite some time I feel.
Kids and wife now here 24/7
I am also working from home for about a week now. I live alone, so fetish is not a problem. Every day I dress differently. Someday lycra&pantyhose, somedays latex, other days I just crossdress and wear high heels all day 😊
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