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Full Version: Homeworking in fetish clothing
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(21 Oct 2020, 08:06 )latexballet Wrote: [ -> ]if I was wearing woman's leggings.
Like there is a difference 😁 (or is there?)
(21 Oct 2020, 08:06 )latexballet Wrote: [ -> ]quickly took a photo of me.
It must be posted somewhere ... 😋 Let's search for it!
I guess it was weird for her to see some random dude riding a bike in PVC leggings, although I must say I haven't yet found specifically male leggings of such sort (PVC).

The photo Is probably somewhere on social media or something like that.
(21 Oct 2020, 08:06 )latexballet Wrote: [ -> ]All for top speed 😊

It was quite fun, because people were looking at me all the time, one girl even asked me when I was waiting at the traffic lights if I was wearing woman's leggings. I said yes and she just smiled back with her eyes and quickly took a photo of me.

but the thing is you could have said no, they are special Aero leggings and no-one would have batted an eyelid.

the beauty about road cycling is that if its tight and clingy you can pretty much get away with it!

MAMILs for the win!!!  😁 😁
Agree, I could go with all the aero thing, but on the other hand I like the attention and the thrill to see other people's reactions 😉

Even when I went to buy the PVC leggings, I went into this ladies clothes shop I found online, I asked the lady if they have PVC leggings, she asked me: "Are they for your girlfriend?" And I told them they were for me, as I was buying them for cycling 😁
She just said: "Oh, so I better get a XL size for you then." She even asked me to take a photo of me in them, so I did and send it to her. She was impressed and said the leggings couldn't fit me better. 😉
Something inspired by our new member today.


And the DVDs running in the background...

again a full day in latex and gear
look at my blog, use google translate on the menu
And now for something completely different, woolly opaques and sensible shoes today.

Interesting, still I'd like to see it from a bit different angle and a bit from a distance to decrease the perspective distortions...
I am thinking about buying this womans jacket for me. Fetish enough? 

And combined with some shiny nike leggings 😊
Quote:...Interesting, still I'd like to see it from a bit different angle

Here's the pervier version then. Just to show I have some flat Melissas too 😉

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