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Full Version: New user says 'Hi!'
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Hello everybody,

I am a long-time lurker, first-time poster from the UK. I have been on my own and super-bored during lockdown, and I have really been getting into selfbondage lately.

I started out playing with rope, leather cuffs, and duct tape. Recently, I have been dabbling with self-mummification, self-straitjacketing and even a selfbondage sleepsack. I have gotten stuck more than once (especially in the sleepsack), which is always a thrill even if it is sometimes a little scary!

Anyway, just wanted to say 'Hi!'. Be great to chat with some likeminded folks.
Well hello to you too.
I hope you are well. Welcome to our group.
Please feel free to look around and post interesting stories and ideas.
Photos too.
(27 Sep 2020, 16:40 )Elvish_Presley Wrote: [ -> ]I am a long-time lurker
I hope long-time poster now 😉 Welcome!
Welcome aboard.

Yeah getting stuck is scary. I had it a bunch of times in my early days. Now, things are usually in control except a try I did some month ago where I almost got stuck in a tight hogtied with a huge nerve damage coming and nobody coming till the end of the day (it was 9am)... That was the most scary I had. So always be careful, double check everything, never try several new things together, etc... 😉
Welcome Elvish, ah ha!