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Full Version: Hypnosis Scripts
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Wrote or found an interesting hypnosis script? Post it here! Or upload it in the Public directory on

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how do you open the folders? I click the folders and nothing happens.
Just no files in the directories? Any errors?
No errors just shows empty
Strange. I tried from various devices and various browsers, also unlogged from Google - everything is working fine. Can you access Google drive at all?

Does anybody else has issues with the repository?
I had no problems. The folder named "public" is still empty, but the other 3 folders are full of scripts.
@princesitanatty - are you logged into Google? Because you are an "Editor" things may look different to you 😉
I have no problems. I did not log in at all (I cannot even get into any google account for some unknown reason).
If I go to public it shows empty and asks for a login. That I did not even try. But the others show files I can look into.
(27 Sep 2020, 09:39 )Zooy Wrote: [ -> ]If I go to public it shows empty and asks for a login.
Aha, so Drive does not support anonymous upload.
Here are most of the main scripts for my audios. I can't upload them on the Google drive, but feel free to do that yourself.

All of my scripts (including subliminals, alternate versions for MMM, etc) are in the fileshare linked in my signature, along with the audio files themselves, a short guide to how I create audios from those scripts and a collection of hypnosis-related stories.
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