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Full Version: vintage latex video - automage
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okay longtime latex fans... time for our search powers to combine!
im looking for a copy of a john sutcliffe video "under three layers" published in the 80's and circulated into the early 2000's. i cant remember where i purchased my copy and email records dont go back that far.....
the VHS tape released of the video had all 4 parts combined into one. I HAD a copy and unfortunately it was disposed of during a spring cleaning some 10+ years ago and have been looking for another copy. DVD, blueray, digital download, torrent, etc. VHS will do as that is the format i know it was released in but will have to do some work to convert it. borrowing a physical copy would also work if you dont have the means to make a copy.
for reference, this is the video im looking for.

video description copy of a zoom-bizarre description of the video, with 2 photos:
Not sure what this is. It references the video but is some kind of ambient noise project?

More stills of the video, preserved by
"We shot these snaps from the screen, so please excuse the bad resolution and quality"
(17 Sep 2020, 10:54 )helpless85 Wrote: [ -> ] copy of a zoom-bizarre description of the video, with 2 photos:

The internet archives project is wonderful.  I have used it for some of my own kink research.
Thanks everyone. I've known and just been reaquainted with the zoom-bizarre website. Soo many sites have closed over the years that's it's sad to think about. I appreciate everyone's help, now I'd love to find the video. I was able to track down a copy to an ebay seller who sold it about a year ago. Unfortunately they no longer have the contact info of the buyer. So back to square one. I've resorted to contacting people on FetLife who have expressed interest in vintage rubber photos. We'll see if that proves fruitful.
That's the reasons why I ask to upload everything (if it's not too big, of course 😊 )directly into the forum, and the reason why we have
Found it. A user on FetLife had a digital copy they shared with me. Its around a gig in size.

Just spotted this but 'Shurely shome mishtake?'

'Atomage', wasn't it?
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