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Full Version: Silicone (female) bodysuit
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With regularity we have advertisements for items like this:

Does anybody have experience with such items? Are they worth their money, or is it more in the realm of things to dream about?
I bought one, but just the bottom half.
Should be here next week
My package has been delivered...
But I can’t find it.
That happened with me as well with a package from China.
It turned out that the postoffice still had it and was waiting for me to pick it up and pay a customs duty. But they only notified me of that the next day.

BTW. I am also mostly interested in the bottom half, but the picture I put makes the question clearer.
I am curious what your experience will be.
This is what I bought. I just picked it up and looked into the box.
It’s heavy. And it’s covered in Talcom Powder.
Still at work and I have a very busy weekend and the following week as well.
Well, I tried it on the other day. It is very tight. It looks and feels great as well.
BUT... here is what I found.

First, it had lots of powder. Also, you will need to powder yourself to get into it.
I bought the one that has the vagina, anus openings and the penis tube and it’s condom. The condom was more than a joke. Leaks, falls off and is quite useless as far as I’m concern. A Texas cathedral is 100 times better.

Second, the anus could be left out as far as I’m care. It will not stay in place. Just flops all over the place. It would be best to glue the tube to the pants.

Same as the vagina. Flops loose and needs a lot of lube.

Like I Saibi, putting this thing on is like putting a latex catsuit. But when it is on, you will have two belly buttons.

The full suit would be way too short her me.
(24 Oct 2019, 22:43 )Tinker D Wrote: [ -> ]Also, you will need to powder yourself to get into it.
eBay: J-Lube ?
Yes, I know all about J-lube.
So, why not to use J-lube?
In answer to your question about j-lube.

I still live in a warehouse, sleep on a cot, no closet, basic restroom and no shower.
Housing is slim pickings and way too far from work to move.
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