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Not sure if this is actually the right place to post this,  as I don't consider it to be an actual fetish. But looking around the internet I don't seem to find anyone else like myself. 

Basically I have a mission,  that is to establish tights a a legitimate alternative form of menswear,  especially as an alternative to wearing trousers. 
Ever since I was a kid, I have been jealous of girls because of the vast choice of clothes they have to choose from,  compared to the limited choice available to men. For example,  for leg wear, a woman can choose from,  dresses, skirts, trousers, shorts, hot pants,  leggings and tights. Whereas for a man the choice is trousers, trousers or more trousers,  even shorts ate frowned upon for anything other than leisure wear. Recently during a particularly hot summer,  my employer refused to allow me to wear shorts to work,  but all the female staff were wearing skirts with bare legs. 

I have never had the desire to impersonate a woman,  but I have always been envious of some of their clothes,  especially as a lot of females clothing actually began as male items. 

I used the watch a lot of science fiction movies and TV when I was younger,  I was annoyed that the female characters got to wear skimpy sexy outfits, usually based on leotards, but the men usually wore something loose and baggy a bit like an industrial boiler suit. It was almost as if men's bodies were disgusting and had to be hidden. There were a few, very few programmes where the men got to wear skintight costumes and leotards , and of course there were the male superhero costumes. Which usually consisted of trunks over tights. Although today they are changing all the superhero outfits to leggings or trousers. 

So I have always been talking about bringing back tights as a legitimate form of men's leg wear. Talking to a friend one day,  he said why don't you set an example and wear  them yourself. 
So basically that's what I did.  I started with a pair of opaque tights,  with a sleeveless leotard over the top. Then to make it look more like everyday clothing,  I put a few more things on top.  A pair of boots and slouch socks,  a jersey and a jacket and a belt to give a waistline. 

So now I was ready to go out in public,  of course it was  not that easy,  I didn't just go striding down the street immediately.  I started off small,  going out  at night. Then meeting a few people in 24hour shops. 

Then I would go out in daylight,  usually secluded areas,  such as forest walks.  It took a long time before I was confident enough to walk down a crowded street in full daylight. One thing I have found is  that most people don't even notice what you are wearing. 

So the more of us who have the courage to wear tights openly in public,  the more commonplace it will become and people will not think of it as strange any more.

So why don't you give it a go?  Maybe tights and leotards may be a little too exposed for you,  but why not start with some shorts over the top. As you get more confidence reduce the length of the shorts,  just give it a go you will be surprised how comfortable it feels.
Ok, first of all, welcome.
Man, you look like a pro wrestler. But I too like hoes and leotards.
I call it free form dressing. But you do have a nice pair of legs.
So again, welcome to our group.
Feel free to look around and if you have any questions, feel free to ask.
I don’t think so. I look like a pear on toothpicks.
And it’s not the shape of the body. With an eye popping outfit, you would look great. So have fun, enjoy life and wear whatever makes you happy.
(03 Aug 2020, 18:45 )Merode Wrote: [ -> ]Well that's the whole point of wearing this type of clothing,  it not how it looks it's how it makes you feel.
Very true. But aesthetics prevail, if you are not alone and/or if you are making photos can could be seen by others. That's why I stopped with cross-dressing and stopped making photos of myself... My wife is a magician in terms of making good photos, but *I* know the truth.