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Full Version: Upper or downer when wearing a one-piece suit?
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Title says it all. For guys who wear leotards and/or one-piece swimsuits, do you prefer to orient your member upwards or downwards? Someone asked this once on Men's Thong Forum, but here in the lycra subforum I thought it'd be a good idea to pose this question with specific reference to one-piece garments (leotards, swimsuits, bodysuits, etc).

Personally, I'm a downer -- I like the feeling of how everything is bundled together in one tight, neat package. For this, I prefer suits that a more roomy in the front, preferably with a pouch (basically, a suit that's designed for the male anatomy in mind, which was once rare but thankfully becoming more common nowadays). I was thinking for those who wear female cut one-pieces, you might have no choice but to go up.

What do you guys think? Thoughts, preferences?
Up obviously - my wife likes a visual reminder of my manhood at the very least when she calls me a sissy & pervert, just for wearing stuff like this lol  😋

definitely up.  down feels totally weird.
For me, Down.

Not very often do I get a rise. Probably because I wear skirts a lot.
Even swimsuits, bodysuits and pantyhoes. Nothing.

But with some rope and a gag, watch out. That pecker will come alive.
Down, mostly. I like the visual of the smooth front and there's a little less stimulation if any bondage activities are involved.
Please remember to vote, guys!