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Full Version: new online shop for pvc plastic clothes at 15% opening discount
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Your are invited to visit new online shop at and get a 15% discount at the opening.
If you follow the link, the 15% will be deducted automatically at the end of the order.
Otherwise you can also enter the discount manually.
Discount code: QDDA7WV96NFR
An ad?

Let's see where it goes and if there is an interest 😊
Pretty blue edging too.
@plastikhosen , question. Do you sell tight fitting plastic panties or one-piece swimsuits? This is my childhood dream - fully transparent tight wrinkleless swimsuit (with clearly visible erection, of course 😋) In DE Store: Plastikwasche-Plastic-Fashion I found only those purple panties. The rest is mostly for diapers (not my fetish).

PVC bedding is also nice, especially in blue (any plans for pink? 😉 )
hot pvc shorts for hot summer hot pvc shorts

have a look to the Blog - great new PVC Fetish Videos Blog - News - from

I'm sure I will never 'get' the PVC fetish. Like leather (other than boots) it just doesn't 'hit the button'.
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