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Full Version: Plastic, Dental Bib
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I'm not talking about the new style, paper disposable bib, but the older, plastic bib that was tied around your neck, fell to your waist and had a small catch tray/fold up part at the bottom.

It's another (embarrassing) turn on for me and we use it occasionally in our weekend (read fully dressed up) naughty sessions.

We're both in full uniform, I usually as a maid, my wife as a nurse and we are wearing a number of aprons, tabards and pinafores, plus rubber gloves. To get things going, my wife pulls out a dental bid from her apron pocket and ties it securely on me.

She then sits in a large armchair with me kneeling in front of her and she lifts her bottom up and I slide the bottom of my bib under her, before she settles down again.

Next thing she does is lift her uniform and apron skirts and slides down on my bib until I have no option but to pleasure her orally. As soon as I begin, she drops the skirts back down and I am in my little cocoon, doing what all maid's do best for their Mistress...

Perhaps something new to try one day if you have a thing for plastic bibs?