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Full Version: Out of business hypno content providers
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List of hypnotists who stopped making hypno-content, went out of business or simply disappeared. If possible, please add links to the sites

The list is regularly updated:

Allison in Love
Annabel Fatale aka Annabelle Grace
Black Mona (
Charlotte Grey
Clarice Enchantress (
Darla Diondra
Dawn (
Isabella Valentine (
Lara Sweete
Lydia Salia
Nikki Fatale
Madame Raison d'Etre
Madame Y
Mistress Marisa
Mistress Zaida (
Mr Daniel
Princess Fae
Queen Passionate (Sherri Assele)
Studio Jezebel
Teresa Bowers (Strapped in Silk)
Madame Raison d'Etre
Mistress Candice

Edit: wrong! She is still active
Madame Y
Princess Fae
I have some pretty thick files for alot of these people, I was just never able to get retroshare to work otherwise I'd post it.
(running on a 9.5 year old half self replaced & repaired macbook pro is the reason why). I could create a burner google drive account and share it but I'm not sure of the legality of that.

Or if anyone has MEGA that too.
Or volafile - no registration needed (48 hours only, though)
(23 Jun 2020, 23:24 )shemhamforash Wrote: [ -> ]I was just never able to get retroshare to work otherwise I'd post it.
I can reshare
So.... fun fact, I have over 250gb of mostly audio hypnosis saved from different places on the internet, including the following from above

Allison in love
Mz Dominca
Studio Jezebel
Nikki Fatale
Mr. Daniel
Prin Fae
Madame Y

Allison and Catgirl - All Uploaded
Dominica and Jezebel Currently Uploading

Ps. I have not actually listened to more than 25% of what I have, probably not even 10%.
PPS: By key did you mean KEI? Because I have that too.
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