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Full Version: Best BDSM/Fetish mainstream movie
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Ok, I know there is aeady a thread about mainstream video but I found it to be mainly focused on video clip.

To be honest, I think we are missing a thread with great movies talking about our "way of life".  I don't know about you but I'm sick of badly made movie (or bad stories) using bdsm as an argument (and often their only argument).  Sadly, when searching about BDSM movie on the web, we find a lot of movie not really reflecting the kind of complex dynamic we could have.  So I wonder if we could make a list of "worth to watch kind of realistic" movies...  I know tastes might not be the same for everyone so it's quite difficult but we could stay at a list of the film we liked.  Or maybe list all of them but with a classification.

For example, I found these kind of movie to be boring and not worth watching (at least for the bdsm/fetish point of view) even they are all taken from a "top bdsm movie list on internet" :
  • fifty shades of grey (ok, I had to put it here)
  • 8mm
  • hellraiser (I don't even know what's doing there...)
Those are still low on my rate but at least, the fetish or bdsm part is worth watching (or a long enough part)
  • flower and snake (OK, good rope work but what a boring story)
  • Red Nights (beautiful vacbed scene (up to a point but you'll see if you watch 😉 : but as I recall, bdsm did again felt like an excuse)

Those are at middle high for me, worth mentioning :
  • My Mistress (good film, story is middle and this boy just want me to slap him (too much teenager like), but that's the point  😁 )
  • secretary (as always.  I need to rewatch it as it might be on the higher list but since I don't remember much, I'll put it here waiting to watch)
Those I believe are rather good movie, not always 100% realistic there is always a bunch of good things instead of just one.  (good story, interesting dynamic or photography, soundtrack, realism, ...)
  • The duke of Burgundy
  • Professor Marston and the Wonder Women (to be honest, this one was not event on the list, I can't believe it does not spread more on the community, even if it has aeady been mentioned here by @madjack, I believe it's one of the best film about bdsm relationship)
  • Bonding (TV series)
I know I saw some other film like "the story of O" but I don't recall anything about them, so they are probably in the middle.

What about your worth to watch list?
Personal Services... while quite old and dated was "a True Story" of Cynthia Payne the mistress in a light hearted movie

Cube... a bit like Hellraiser in the fact that it can be confusing but plenty of "kinky / Torturous" stuff going on

Any of the Saw movies have large elements of Predicament Bondage with serious consequences

The Cell... JLo plays a Psychiatrist who "fixes peoples minds" through technological link... but she is them employed to find the latest missing victim of a Psyco while he is in a coma... his mind is warped with many kinky visuals.
Yeah, I remember Cube, lots of stuff indeed.

I found saw/hellraiser to be too much gore for me. and again, it feels like an excuse and does not talk about bdsm.
I remember seeing a movie called "Walk All Over Me" some years ago. I don't remember the details about it but there was a girl learning how to be a dominatrix from a friend of hers. It was a good movie, humorous parts but also serious parts. At the time, I thought it portrayed the femdom scene fairly well. Maybe I would change my mind if I watched it again now. Anyway, I think it's worth a watch.
I once have seen a part of a movie ( I was in Italy then for work ).
A girl needed to come to the priest as then he tied her up, very nice and tight ropework.

never found the movie ( did not check at that point )
Strangeland has some fetish and kink.

Preaching to the Perverted is a rather good kink based movie.

And I have some short films from a kink festival I showed here in Montreal years back (will have to go into backup drive for titles, but rather good)
(25 May 2020, 20:12 )vanessa_fetish Wrote: [ -> ]Preaching to the Perverted is a rather good kink based movie.
had totally forgotten about that one... yea not a really bad film either
The Secretary is a absolute Highlight! Verry erotic movie!
Any one seen Dogs don't wear pants?
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