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Full Version: Nipple orgasm hypnosis
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Does anybody have personal experience with nipple orgasms?

In WMM there are several files for it, but I do not quite trust all the commentaries, and, having tried a number of them, I cannot say I got very far.
I did find a generic Dutch website in which it was claimed that also men can indeed have such orgasms.
Let's have a look what I've got...


Oh how you love your ultra sensitive, horny nipples. The more you play with them, the more sensitive they become. You find yourself constantly playing with them. You are addicted to stimulating your nipples.

Your nipples are becoming so sensitive from all the stimulation, you are finding it easy to orgasm from nipple stimulation alone.. touch your nipples... twist the... pinch them... you are addicted... hopelessly addicted.
(17 May 2020, 18:58 )Zooy Wrote: [ -> ]Does anybody have personal experience with nipple orgasms?
No, I have quite sensitive (in the irritation/pain sense) nipples, so I prefer to avoid touching them. So as a test I tried some hypno files, which have nipple touch (or even orgasm) suggestions. Some files made me touch my nipples, indeed. Strong arousal (let alone orgasms) never happened.

(17 May 2020, 18:58 )Zooy Wrote: [ -> ]I did find a generic Dutch website
URL? 😉 Sounds like a new thread!
Here are a few websites.
I did not manage to find the best one back. The last one is in English.
In this one:
  "HJM van Puffelen zegt:
  11 oktober 2016 om 15:59
  a propos tepels, als of die voor een man niet ook genot verschaffend kunnen
  zijn. Wis en waarachtig wel. Bij goed gedaan gaan hele bijzondere luikjes
  en laatjes open bij deze jonge man (67)"
Indicates that you do not have to be young for this. The guy is 67.
In English:

Unfortunately there are no good explanations about "how to" for men. Nearly all is concentrating on women.
Another one I haven't had a chance to listen to yet:

Thanks for those files, but unfortunately they do not do very much for me. There are very few files that actually work on me and then mostly partially. I try to stay away from curses though. There are a few that I cut up a bit to remove the curse part and the induction and the awaking and then I made one playlist with what I think is a good neutral induction, several times the body and possibly the awakener. This I have played a number of nights and I slept through most of it, but I do not notice any difference.
My nipples are by now quite sensitive, but mainly because of electrostim and suction. Playing with them is very pleasant, but I never get close to a climax.

This recording will take you under and teach you how to have an orgasm from nipple stimulation only. It includes post hypnotic triggers and whisper tracks designed to make your nipples ultra sensitive.

This can come in very handy on a first date where you are not ready to get down and dirty just yet. Trust me, I know. It will blow your partner's mind when he starts sucking on your breasts and you're able to reach a full orgasm. Plus it will allow you to keep a little mystery about yourself... or enjoy this recording while at home alone.

Train Nipple Orgasm


Listening to this file will cause your nipples to become as sensitive as your genitals, making it possible for you to orgasm from nipple play.



Sensitive Nipples Hypnosis

Quote:A nipple-based pleasure file, enhancing the sensation and pleasure you receive from any nipple-based stimulation. Encourages you to regularly massage and tweak your nipples, training you to experience ever great nipple sensitivity and pleasure. Anchors nipple play as a submissive, hypnotic trigger for you.

A new route to pleasure, and another vulnerability dominant women can use to please, tease, and train you. Their sensitivity grows every time you listen, every time you play with your nipples, until you are helpless to any stimulation of your chest. This file is body and gender neutral.

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