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Full Version: Vanilla girl help wanted..
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So, a few friends know that i do crossdress, and like bondage and some fetish stuff.
I love boots, to wear, kiss, smell and lick them.

Now, i need your help. For a vanilla friend, who is not into Bdsm or fetish stuff, i must create a scenario. For some fixes and work I've done for her, she agreed to tie me up.
But, she came up with a task! To make a scenario wich would be easy for her, but humiliating for me. So she could show that she would be the boss. Got a free hand so far, so thought of some kind of bootworship or feet smelling after she was a day in boots, and after she will lock or tie me up. Gagged also, however a gag could she take off, if kissing or licking is needed 😉

Can anybody help with ideas? I can think of scenario's, however, most are based on a fetish loving dominant type.
So, it must be easy and not to extreme, for a vanilla person.
She has normal, and riding boots. (I'm not a dirt licker by the way)
The bondage most likely will take place in the stables she has, where i might be bound for a few hours (that was agreed, i like long term alone bondage). Standing spreadeagle i guess, but when it comes to starting the worship of her boots, i think bound laying down or a different option i needed  😉

Any ideas or input is welcome! Excited that a simple "just bondage" date, can turn into this.
If.. she accepts the ideas i bring!
As she is vanilla, I would start with something not too intimidating for her.
But, you could have the option of supplying additional accessories for her to use if she wanted.

So your scenario shouldn't be too difficult & should be the minimum you would like. But then say - there are some extra/spare items in the bag if you were interested, and see what happens.

Just a suggestion, I'm not saying it would work...
(02 Apr 2020, 06:56 )AshleyBoots Wrote: [ -> ]For a vanilla friend, who is not into Bdsm or fetish stuff, i must create a scenario. For some fixes and work I've done for her, she agreed to tie me up.
Is she just a friend, or a bit more, than a friend? If there are relationships, how painful it might be if they disappear?
Are such relationships planned/desired?
Should you be/stay (sexually) attractive to her?
How dangerous can it be if she takes photos?

In any case, I would plan a scenario which is as aesthetic possible, and as less dangerous as possible. At least for the first few times...
We are not sexually attracted to each other. And never will be. I know her for about 15-20 years now.

She can be very direct and "hard". 
That's why i thought she would be perfect for a few hours of locking me up. Plus she has stables so no chance of getting caught standing bound and left alone. 
She agreed on that. When she said: "give me one or two ideas to make me show who's the boss, that you should do", my heart raced, but also tot excited. 
If i know her right, she wants a laugh. 
That's why i was thinking of bootworship, maybe boot smelling. 
Makes me look small and submissive in a simple way, tho i love doing that, and she gets the "bossy" feeling.

But because i don't know for sure if she secretly is kinky, i'm being careful. I trust her totally in the bondage part (won't wear anything kinky, just tops, skinny jeans, and pair of high heeled boots). But that's why i ask help for the bootworship part i want to give her as an idea. That needs to be as simple and minimum erotic and minimum work for her...
Well you will need a discussion about safety at the start anyway.
You can say it's important to cover all this because if she ties you up you won't know what else she might try on her helpless victim.
Have a tick list:
Things not to do
Limits on stuff you haven't said no to (from what you say it doesn't sound like you want pain involved. So set rules up front as stables = riding crop)
Things you like to do - add your boot thing here, but make it just one of several items.

If it's too embarrising to discuss, write it down & give her the list.

Another thing to think about (and we get fun from) is that a lot of this is in your mind.
When you are tied and blindfolded, your imagination will fill in all sorts of fun stuff from just a sound or touch. You partner can watch you wriggle & squirm from just a touch/stroke or the sound of some threat (eg rustling of bag of extra items being explored, sound of personoving round you, or even feel of air currents as they move near you)

Hope it work out for you
(08 May 2022, 05:36 )Highinheels66 Wrote: [ -> ]Are you still taking ideas?

Yeah, sure ^^
Turning bootlicker from a insult to a fetish one day at a time.

Jokes aside. For easy to do I would have spreadeagle with the tip of the boot touching the floor and the part of your lower shins in your mouth like a bit gag.

The other way it to hang the boots heel facing up with the opening right above your nose, forcing you to smell it.

Of other positions are allowed you could stuff your face in a boot in a hogtie or ball tie position too.