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Full Version: I found some used pantyhose on my local want ads!
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So I posted an ad on my local wants ads site Kijiji that read as follows:

I need any pantyhose (new or used) you can spare for a large crafting project!
I prefer donations but will pay a small fee if necessary.

Two guys replied to it previously that wanted to talk to me about pantyhose LOL!

I finally got a reply from a lady who said:

"Hi I have some for you but please give me a week to get them washed and put together for you"

I'm like "Great thanks so much!"

This is the photo I used in my ad:
Lorna replied "Hi I do have them all ready for you now. It actually looks like the photo in your ad!"

I asked Lorna to leave them on the front steps of her house as I thought it would be too weird if a guy picked them up in person. She assumed I was a woman from the ad...

It's so exciting to be given free used pantyhose!
So I have about 20 used pairs of pantyhose to add to my collection!!! 😊
I also labelled them as I don't want them mixed up with my large collection...
I plan to wear each pair and masturbate in each one while fantasizing how Lorna wore them too...