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Full Version: Mummy bondage bag, unique material
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What is this material?

It looks soft and stretchy but secure.  A type of neoprene?
Here is a video of it being used:

Can be darlex - neoprene inside, lycra outside.
(08 Feb 2020, 20:06 )helpless85 Wrote: [ -> ]What is this material?

I also thought it might be darlex or neoprene from looking at the pictures but if you look at the hood they offer in their store, you can get the hood without nose holes.  According to their page, this option "[color=#222222]Makes breathing a bit difficult but not critical."  If this was any kind of sandwiched rubber fabric, you wouldn't be able to breathe at all so it seems like it must just be a type of spandex we're not accustomed to seeing,  It's certainly not anything I've ever seen before but the pictures of it look amazing.  I might just end up with that hooded sleep sack after I do my taxes.
definitely some form of neoprene, ive had a few wet suits over the years that were cloth faced, some form of spandex of Lycra.
I think its just for soft furnishings use, hence the dimple pattern
(09 Feb 2020, 10:14 )ltxrob Wrote: [ -> ]definitely some form of neoprene

You're right, I just read that closed cell neoprene isn't breathable but open cell is. A quick google search for breathable neoprene shows pics that look just like that which the sleep sack is made of.
quite surprised by the costs on this Etsy site... I normaly find Etsy sellers very expensive,
Yes I know they are often at the skilled craftmen/woman end of the scale rather than the sweat shop ebay/wish/Ali specials
but when a similar item can be £10 from China and Etsy want £500... thats a bit much

That said a custom made muumy bag for 130/160 Euros ... pretty good!

If I thought I could use it solo Id be tempted!
I was more surprised that seller actually from my country lol and they used to sell a bit different design ones for like 80$~ seems demand was okay and price went up in time.