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Full Version: [FOR SALE] Segufix, Latex Masks and Sleepingbag, Estim
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Segufix, Latex Masks and Sleepingbag, Estim
Here is some stuf i want so sell.
I live in Germany, so please no offers from over seas.
The prices are without shipping and if you take multiple items i can go down with the price.

8 Segufix Magnetlocks without key: 7,50€/each VB

[Image: 37784612iv.jpg]

Estim Mystim Tension Lover: 65€ VB
The Cables art Shortend. You may use them if you screw on new Connectors or just buy a pair of new cables for a fiew €
[Image: 37784608vu.jpg]

Serious Kit Estim Liners size L 15€/each VB
 37cm long and 6.5cm wide
[Image: 37784607df.jpg]

Latex Mask Size M  0,5mm transparent without holes: 27€ VB
[Image: 37784609mo.jpg]

Latex Mask Size M Chlorinated von Fetisso 0,45mm black Latex long and Faceopen: 30€ VB
[Image: 37784611ee.jpg]

Latex Sleepingbag size L mit Backzipper and short Crotchzipper with D-Ringsl: 120€ VB
Black Latex 0,45mm.
[Image: 37784613wj.jpg]
[Image: 37784614my.jpg]
What's the transparent mask size more specifically? neck, and eye line around the head?
41cm Neck and 54cm Head circumference.
I think it would be easier to follow and maintain the listings if each of the items had a separate thread.
Yes it would be better, but much more work.
I posted so much stuff the last days and
need a little break now.
(01 Feb 2020, 20:10 )Vacbedbound Wrote: [ -> ]41cm Neck and 54cm Head circumference.

neck is too big as I feared.  But is it chlorinated?  I might adjust it if not  😉
No, not chlorinated
Are any of the segufix locks the shortet variety?