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Full Version: Cheap and easy vacuum pump for genital suction!
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Because so manny of you asked: I want to show you the pump, i use for my vacuum penis suction device. 
It is a small pump that delivers a constant (not to) strong Vacuum with no pulses or intervals. 
It is not like a milkingmachine or a Venus2000! 
You can buy that pump specialy designed for genital suction for about expensive 80€. Look here:öhle-Elektrische...B003TOI786

Or you can do what i did and buy that cheap aqarium Air pump for 20€.

You may have noticed that It does look the quite same, this is because it is the same. 
Just open it up and modify it from blowing to sucking! 
All you need is a screwdriver and a short piece of tubing. 
This is how it is done: 

Flip around the pump and turn out the 4 smal screws at the corners.

Lift of the cap and pull out the two tubings and connectors. 

Take a short piece of tubing (the build in tubing may be to short for this) and connect the upper output of the pumphousing (which is the air inlett) to the connector.
Just like you see on the picture. 

Close  the cap and screw back in the 4 screws. Now you are ready to g.....ahhhm suck! 
If you can’t find original that pump, just buy a other aquarium air pump. 
They may look different from the outside but the inside should be quite the same. 
The pump works great for any genital like penis, niples or clits. 
But not for a Vacbed, because the air volume, that it pumps, is just to smal.
It would take houers to suck a Vacbed empty. 
There is only one thing you have to take care: 

This pump is made for air only! So don‘t let any liquid get into the Pump!!! 
You may risk to destroy the Pump or even worse, risk an electric shock or fire! 

This is why i always use it together with a smal container in front of it, that has just a inlet and a outlet on the top. 
The inlet is connected te the Penis suction tube and the outlet is connected to the pump. 
If now anny liquid will get into the tubing it will be collected on the bottom of the container. 
That works just by simple gravity. 
Have fun with it!!!