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Full Version: Erostek questions
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Does someone here have a Erostek et312
I have some questions and hope you can help me.
I would really like to use one of the Audio modes,
but it turns out, that the feeling that i get if i use the audio input is to stinging and gives sharp painful sensation even if i use actual estim soundfiles with warm wavey pad sounds.
I would really like to use it that way but i can‘t find the right adjustments.
It would be so hot if i could use the sound of a bdsm porn for my pleasure.
Like the person in the clip is moaning or screaming and i get pleasure or shocks from the estim to the sound of the clip.

And how about the Triphase setup? I have two self made cables in different colors than the original one. Do you bridge the cables that lead to the tip contact of the 3,5mm mono plug or do you connect to the other contact, to built a triphase?