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Full Version: Bondage Computer Games
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Eventually looking out for bondage computer games, I stumbled upon "Bondage Nightmare": It is available on steam for about 8 Euros.  There is a free demo as well. You are a woman wearing some underwear, bound and gagged, alone on a cemetery at night. In a distance, a phone is ringing and your challenge is to reach the phone by rolling about and twisting your body (WASD). Well, see the link for a more complete description. It takes a while to get into the movement control, but I am getting better. Good game? Well, I have seen worse, but the story is kind of weak 😉
(14 Jan 2020, 21:51 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]Have a look here:

looks kind of interesting, but how to play???
Aha, looks like the flash player is not starting. Is it blocked by the modern browsers?
(15 Jan 2020, 00:14 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]the flash player is not starting
Because it was not installed 😁

The following command solved the problem (for Ubuntu):

apt install flashplugin-installer
I've been playing this on-line game for a while now,  and really enjoy it. Well it's more of a community than game but it gets your creativity flowing.
Any ideas if we can (need?) to implement any of such games here? Or it's the community what is more important, rather than any games? Must confess I do not like RPGs. Actually, I do not play any games 😁


Having loads of fun playing this game. nice little puzzles and things do. Great artwork,
Anyone else played?
Yes, I've enjoyed playing it for a while now.


Yeah I’ve enjoyed playing through it too. Thought some people on hear might like to give it a go. also have you tied lias rebellion? gd little escape puzzle game. great artwork on the new
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