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SLL obviously isn't my real name...

I am male. I am married with 2 kids. I grew up in South Africa ad now live in the USA. 

My first wet dream was of maledom BDSM (but, strangely, find femdom more exciting an idea). I had no idea what I had dreamed until many years later... Along the way I discovered that I found latex arousing. I have started exploring my fetishes more since moving to the US. I have tried to get my wife to partake but she is a bit reluctant but she loves me and.. is brave enough to try. I am the more curious one... always curious to try new things. 

It way nice to chance upon this forum while researching a new latex acquisition which I hope won't scare my wife off! If anyone has advice on how to encourage their reluctant significant other it would be much appreciated.

Hi @SLL! What a perfect match (forum-wise 😊 ) Very welcome aboard!
Welcome aboard @SLL 😊
Like wise, for sure.

Ok, without getting into to much details, can you tell us what your wife likes about your fetish? You say you like latex. Does she like latex? Any latex?

Well Tinker D, she doesn't like much about it... I'm trying to introduce latex gloves... she seems ok with that. I got her some crotchless high waist Panties after the birth of our second kid, a latex bra too, but that didn't take. The bra was too tight. She wore the parties for me 2 or 3 times.

My thinking is just introduce items slowly. She doesn't mind too much about me in latex but she found the sheath bermuda shorts uncomfortable for her. (I was too : the sheath was too small.) My latex fetish grosses her out a bit. But she loves me and I love her. I don't want to push it.

Any one else her found a way to "convert" their partner to their fetish?

Any ideas?
(11 Jan 2020, 23:40 )MstrChain Wrote: [ -> ]Welcome aboard @SLL 😊

I am having trouble finding the forum rules. Any hints? I get chewed out on other forums for my choice of signature.
What’s wrong with Silly Latex Lover? A.K.A. SLL

What’s wrong with me.... Welcome to our group.
It’s SSL...
Sorry, thought it was SLL. Now I have egg on my face.
hello fellow "Saffer"
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