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Full Version: C&A (Germany) Shiny Quilted Jacket
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Shiny dark blue jacket, inside polyester, 29,90 Euro. Material is PU-coated nylon, sticks a bit to itself.
Straight cut, lose fit, size 42 even fits my arm length, I am 183cm tall.

C&A is fairly cheap, while still maintaning a reasonable level of quality.

Eventually the link will break, so I got two images.


wish they would ship to UK not just EU.
UK is still in EU. For one more month 😉
(13 Dec 2019, 23:24 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]UK is still in EU. For one more month 😉
yes I know but they don't mention the UK to ship to.
they pulled out of the UK in the late 90s Ithink from memory