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Full Version: VK.Com
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Anybody else use

Its a Russian "Facebook" but there is plenty of Kinky people and freely available videos / Photos on there for many many Interests

cant read much of it, but google translate handles the worst of it if need be... and to be fair I dindt go there for the literature! 😉
I used it to download some files from it before they were banned 😁 Never heard about any kinky groups.

(26 Oct 2019, 12:38 )ltxrob Wrote: [ -> ]freely available videos / Photos on there
Just post them here (in the corresponding threads) 😉

(26 Oct 2019, 12:38 )ltxrob Wrote: [ -> ]there is plenty of Kinky people
Links? 😋
many are in closed groups... not sure how they will transfer to being visible here if I only use links..
You can reupload the photos here. They will disappear from vk anyway.