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Full Version: Computer directed Self(?) bondage session/video
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Computer directed Self(?) bondage
So if a computer tells you how to tie yourself up is that really self bondage?
Or is that called Computer directed bondage or computer Bondage ?
Either way I’m posting this and the video to show you where I’m at with it.  This is about 40 hours of work. I’ve tried several methods but still need some ideas.  I did not lock in as I’m still testing the timing and needed quick release. It’s got a few bugs but getting there.
I’ve used natural reader to build a file that has female voice’s that tell you how to tie yourself up. Then I put pause’s in it to allow for the actions to complete. This didn’t work that well so I tried some type of remote mouse taped on me, not much better, so I went back to the timing thing. I think after all this the best would be wireless ball gag that when you bite down on would advance to the next instruction.  Any other ideas?
Boy did I get hot and bothered writing the text for the  session, had to stop several times while working on this and do a session 😊  After this dress rehearsal I didn’t think it was worth the work. I was wrong. Now sessions seem dull. I’m aeady working on several more. Just need to get the remote control thing working.
Be sure and turn the volume on !


I've tried to do something like that using the AIML chatbot. You can have a look here: Say Hello to Miyuki as ask her to tie you up. You can also try "help" or "help misc". I stopped working on the bot, because the underlying program is buggy and will not be fixed. But the developers are working on a completely new AIML interpreter, so there is a hope.

Currently the bot "supports" only bondage. No self-bondage yet. But you can get the idea.
I used a program called AutoIT to build a vibrator timer controller script.  It has a GUI with buttons that I intentionally made very large.  I can use the chrome remote desktop app on my android phone to access my pc running the vibrator controller.  That gives me touch screen access to the program's GUI buttons for starting and stopping the script.  I'm able to tap my phone's screen even when tied up spread eagle so maybe you could try something like that?
My idea behind the chatbot was to get new randomized scenarios every time. This was also the reason behind this thread: in which I tried to create a tree-like structure for all general self-bondage positions and basic scenarios. See also

Saying that: @DressBindFun I think you are on the right path here. You mentioned one important thing - the ability to pause the instructions until completed. The feedback can be given by voice. E.g.

"Confirm when completed with two loud sounds"
"Mmmmppphhhh.... MMmmmppphhhhh...."
"Good girl. Now, pull the gag one notch tighter. Confirm with three loud sounds. You have 5 seconds."
..... I hear no confirmation ... ZAPPPPP!!!!!
"MMMPPPPHHH!!!!!!! Mmmmppphhhh.... MMmmmppphhhhh...."
"Good girl!"

Adding more hypno stuff (e.g. induction, triggers) will definitely help.

And another important thing is randomization. There must be something random and unexpected.