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Full Version: MJ-SB06/2019 – Bringing Jiga to life
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Regular readers of my forum posts may know that I’m a big fan of Jiga’s work, especially how he takes bondage images and then very cleverly manipulates them so that the heroine is totally encased in pantyhose. In this session I used one of Jiga’s images as my inspiration for a self-bondage tie.

x2 Tan pantyhose suits (with penis sheath, hood and gloves)
Wooden pole
Butt plug
Silicon breasts

The session:
I was mostly interested in trying to recreate the scene in the image and was not seeking any challenging self-bondage experience, so I tried to keep things as simple as I could. In went my favourite ‘cock’ shaped butt-plug, large enough to feel but not so large that I couldn’t easily squirm and struggle without it popping out. Next I pulled on two of my full pantyhose suits over my false breasts– not an easy task for the second layer, with my fingers made slippery in their nylon gloves!
[attachment=36000] – Aspiration: I wanted to try and recreate this Jiga image, which was based on this original[attachment=36001]
[attachment=36002] – all the ropes and wooden bar set up ready to play
[attachment=36003] – all encased and ready to go. It’s difficult to see clearly though the double layer of nylon over my eyes, and my fingers are going to struggle through their twin skins too.
[attachment=36004]– legs tied, ankles to thighs. I’m not as flexible as the lady in the original, but I’ll do my best.
[attachment=36005]– reaching for the rope I’m going to use to bind and gag myself to the wooden bar. I’ve placed pre-formed loops ready for my wrists.

[attachment=36006] – it’s harder than it looks to do this by yourself!
[attachment=36007] – keeping the rope nice and tight at all times is a must!
[attachment=36008] – my right wrist is in as planned, but struggling to fasten my left wrist.
[attachment=36009]– I can’t get my left wrist tied off, but I can reach my cock… (naughty boy!)
[attachment=36010] – I’ve untied myself, but am very aroused and need to come up with a new plan… quickly!
[attachment=36011] – a long length of rope for a ‘wrists behind the back’ tie, using a ‘figure of eight’ method.
[attachment=36012] – I’m starting to really get into the mood and am squirming around on the bed in a very high state of arousal
[attachment=36013] – Yes, that is sweat under my armpits and at the back of my legs! Not the most glamourous of poses, but it does show how much effort I was putting into the session.
What went well?
I love attempting to recreate scenes from pictures or images I find on the internet (or others find and suggest to me…) – this one looked relatively easy, right up until I tried to get my left wrist into the rope loops! But despite that I really enjoyed the comparative simplicity of the set-up and the ankle to thigh bondage was especially fun.

The impromptu wrists only bondage at the end of this session was incredibly arousing – I deliberately made the rope as tight as I dared, and used a longer length than I would usually choose. Being able to thrash around on the bed really got me hot (literally and erotically) and I was having the naughtiest fantasies as I struggled in my bondage… when will I remember that simple can be as much fun as complicated?

What could be improved?
I’m going to have another go at this set-up - having learnt from my mistakes I’m confident that with a little more planning and few ‘tweaks’ here and there I can get pretty close to the result I’m looking for.

Also tempted to splash some cash on a pair of black pantyhose suits – I love tan, but can see that black would really set off the white rope and would also match more of Jiga’s wonderful work.

Very disappointed that none of the gratuitous ‘ass shots’ showed off my butt-plug – next time I’ll go for a bigger size! This, you must realise, is purely for artistic and aesthetic reasons and I’ll get nothing from it personally… at all… honest!

I spent a lot of time playing with my encased cock, which was fun, but it could have led to a premature end to my session – so I’m thinking that either I go for a full ‘tuck’ next time or else invest in a proper chastity device.

My boobs kept moving! Silly really, but I’m quite taken with both the feeling of having ‘boobs’ and also the profile they give, but without a bra they tend to wander around a bit! I’m thinking that my black bra wouldn’t really work under the tan bodysuits, so will be looking for a cheap seamless ‘nude’ bra in the near future (unless my GF ‘donates’ one… like she unwittingly did with the black bra I use!)
Another fun session shared – I hope you enjoyed reading and seeing my adventure.
There’s more to come, but in the meantime don’t forget to play safe
Fantastic session MJ. The description adds so much to those amazing pics! My best SB sessions ends up with a pile of very sweaty spandex and sore muscles as well. Thanks for sharing and looking forward to your second attempt.