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Full Version: Don't the police have enough real criminals to catch?
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I'm not clear on what offence has been committed here, but I expect there will probably be a 'running a disorderly house' charge of some sort in the offing as while accepting money for sex is technically legal in the UK running a brothel isn't. That said, what business it is of Devon's police how you decorate your spare room is a mystery to me...

Quote:A 38-year-old man from Lee Mill, a 21-year-old woman from Ivybridge, Devon, and a 24-year-old woman from Plymouth have been arrested in connection with the incident.

They have been released on police bail until April 30 to allow police to carry out further enquiries.

DS Gilroy said: "We are glad to have disturbed this activity and restored normality to the neighbourhood. We would also like to thank residents who reported the activity to us."

Inspector Phil Chivers, police inspector for the South Hams, added: "This incident demonstrates that we, the police, are reliant on information from the community."

The four bed home is a rented property which was being leased through an estate agent which has now been informed about the dungeon.

I expect a knock on the door for the offence of lying in my own bed in my own house in suburban South-East England on a Sunday morning while wearing Capezio body-tights, a shiny red lycra leotard and matching pantyhose in the next few minutes...
Sounds like total crap to me... Arrested for what? More quotes:

Quote:Officers were alerted after neighbours reported "unusual behaviour" and "strange sounds" coming from the four-bedroomed house in Lee Mill, Devon.

Police arrived with battering rams to raid the home but after a plain clothes officer knocked on the door the residents let them in – thinking he had an appointment.

The sex dungeon was then found in a converted room filled with "hundreds" of items including whips, gas masks, wooden bats, handcuffs, clothes pegs and shackles.

Police also discovered bondage chairs with straps, straight jackets, sex toys, gimp masks, S&M outfits, shackles, cattle prods and car batteries used to power the toys.

The dungeon was also stuffed with "various electrical vibrating" items and a recording studio complete with computer equipment and mixing desk.

DS Gilroy said: "We were surprised to uncover this to say the very least. Upon searching the house we found a room set up as a dungeon.

Now the funny one:

Quote:But during the raid one "customer" arrived at the home – and still asked for his appointment despite the large police presence.

Also, I wonder if there is a official definition of "brothel". If it's a place for having sex with prostitutes, than the dungeon is definitely not a brothel:

Quote:Ds Gilroy said the home – near a Tesco supermarket – had been a suspected brothel and police had expected to make a forced entry.
Why the police would do any more than send more than a couple of PCs to have a quiet word is beyond me...
Quote:large police presence
were they seriously expecting a riot (when half the suspects were probably aeady handcuffed?)
(07 Mar 2010, 15:36 )culmor Wrote: [ -> ](when half the suspects were probably aeady handcuffed?)


... packed for delivery ...