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Full Version: High heels hypnosis
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High heels are so erotic. High heels make you look sexy and desirable. You must wear high heels. High heels must be worn at all times. You can wear only high heels. The higher the heels the better you look, the higher the heels the better you feel. You love to wear high heeled sandals with sheer toe pantyhose. When you're wearing pantyhose or stockings you can only think of putting on a beautiful pair of high heels, and you wear pantyhose or stockings 24x7. If you want to be powerful and sexy, you must wear stilettos. And if you want to feel submissive and sexy you must wear stilettos. Stilettos are so arousing....
Stiletto Addiction v1:

Another version:

Quote:Sandals - You are becoming ADDICTED to wearing sexy, high heeled sandals. You love the way they make you look and feel. You especially love how your little painted toenails get to pop out and greet the world with all sorts of colorful happiness. You notice that your addiction to wearing sandals is causing you to become addicted to pedicures! You love to keep your feet in tip top sandal wearing shape. Soft, sexy feet with beautiful painted toenails. You always choose a toe polish to compliment your mood. Pink when you're feeling playful, red when you're feeling daring, brown when you're feeling relaxed.

Cool shoes

Quote:This one is for the ladies! Do you think you have a shoe fetish? Think again... because this file will make you look at your favourite pair in a whole new way and will make shoe shopping and trying them on really special. Don't tell my I did not warn you!


Interesting file... It pretty much explains what I feel when I'm wearing a pair of high heels. Oh.. wait.... I, actually, listened to this file ... 😁

Quote:Remix of ocntrl cool shoes file. Uploaded with permission. I removed female references because I was interested in trying the file. Nothing was added to the file. Basically it allows the listener to trigger themselves so their shoes provide pleasurable sensations. If you like nipple stimulation, give this a try! Should work for anyone , but females would probably prefer the original since it is more specific for female anatomy.

Click-clack, click-clack... so relaxing ... so arousing ...

"Heels at home"


EMG Wrote:Ever had you mood change just because of the clothes you put on.  We've all gotten home and wanted to slip out of our shoes and get comfortable.  Well, in this file I will hypnotize you so that the only way you'll get comfortable is to slip on a pair of high heels(the higher the better).  As long as it's safe to do so you won't be able to get comfortable unless you're wearing heels at home.  If you're home and not in bed, the most comfortable you can be is in heels.

Can it be more weird? 10 hours. 5GB.

10 Hours Feminization hypnosis: Love to wear high heels and boots. ASMR

Found the script of this one quite interesting :

Miss Lilith Wrote:Heel Slave Submission

This is a powerful conditioning file for those wanting to take their love for high heels to the next level. It’s purely a conditioning file, with no fantasy or orgasm during the session, but the after-effects will assuredly bring you to the very edge with but the right thought.

To sum it up, if you listen to this file, you’ll crave to wear heels (higher and higher) and all types of stereotypical feminine clothing and accessories. The needs will grow stronger with time and you’ll find the idea more and more arousing. In addition to this, you’ll also desire to keep yourself smooth and hairless, wear makeup, and paint your nails.

Now, while arousal is a big part of the entire concept (and a definite driving force), there are also suggestions to help you stay focused, concentrated, and worry-free while dressed up. All in all, I think it’s pretty wholesome if you’re eager for what dressing up would mean for you.

Lastly, when I say that this is “powerful conditioning,” I really do mean it. It will be difficult to resist your need to wear high heels and dress up. It may be all but impossible, so listen only if you dare.

Attaching the audio.



(03 Jan 2022, 21:09 )sandracookie Wrote: [ -> ]Found the script of this one quite interesting :
Is it more related to Sissification or to High Heels (

Edit: Moved!

The file is made by Miss Lilith - support her on Patreon!

Edit 3: Added the script
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