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Full Version: MJ-SB04/2019 – Dildo on a pole (part 1)
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A long weekend of ‘home alone’ time was finally upon me and I wanted to make the most of it… which makes the fact that for the first 30hrs or so I did nothing all the more perplexing! However, I was now in the mood and decided to attempt a scenario that would leave me helplessly bound and at the same time impaled upon a dildo deep in my ass. This was a small part of a deeper self-bondage fantasy, where I would be skewered by two ‘cocks’ one in my ass and the other in my mouth, which would also form part of the bondage – with me being unable to free myself of their presence until the ice/timer/forfeit permitted it.

x2 Tan pantyhose suit (no hood or gloves)
Body Control mini-dress
Cock cage
5inch heels
Long Lycra gloves
Head harness and collar
Leather ankle cuffs
Bra and silicon breast forms
Large dildo on pole
Spreader bar, shackles and chains

The session:
For whatever reason I wanted to try out (test fly?) a part of my fantasy in a kneeling/face down position. I suspect that this was in part due to the obviously submissive nature and vulnerability of that position. I fixed the dildo onto a wooden pole (broom handles are so useful!) which was lashed to the frame of the bed. A large leather cushion would support my body and enhance the ‘ass-up’ position I was seeking.
Dressing was slightly different from usual as, for obvious reasons, I needed to keep my ass-hole uncovered – to this end I selected two of my older pantyhose bodysuits; the first is a proper ‘open-crotch’ design and the second had the crotch torn (during self-bondage play – I was desperate!) and was now been modified to have a small opening in the appropriate place! My cock was initially encased in a knee-high and then locked into the cock-cage with straps around the base of my cock and my balls.
I added my false breasts, corset and mini-dress using some clip-on suspenders to hold up my wet-look stockings. I packed my mouth with some only knee-highs and pulled a knee-high over my head to keep everything neat.
Next came my latest toy, a head harness with collar. This was brought to replace my worn-out harness gag and is utterly amazing. It’s slightly complicated to put on by yourself and ideally I’d like a third or even fourth hand to help, but once all the straps are buckled shut, the collar locked in place and the mouth zipped shut and padlocked….. wow!
[attachment=35265] - what do you think, is it scary or erotic?
My dressing was completed with my high-heels and a pair of leather ankle cuffs, tightly strapped in place.
The position I wanted to get into was to use the spread-bar to force my legs wide apart, then insert the dildo partially inside my ass before using the rope ratchet to ‘force’ it further in, then hold it there, as I bound my gloved wrists (hopefully the pictures will help explain).

[attachment=35255] - here we go..

[attachment=35266] - you can never have too much lube!

[attachment=35256] - getting settled onto the bed
[attachment=35257] - legs locked wide apart
[attachment=35258] - trying to slide the dildo in...

[attachment=35259] - what I can't see is that my 'secure fixing' isn't!!!!

[attachment=35260] - at this point I think all is ok

[attachment=35261] - getting complicated! The idea is that I use the rope ratchet to pull the dildo deeper inside me, at the same time I'll be tied by my collar to the bed.

[attachment=35262] - gloves on, nearly there..

[attachment=35263] - ...a quick twist of rope around my wrists...

[attachment=35264] - ohhh, that feels good!

What went well?
The dressing side went really well, with everything working and feeling just as I’d wished it to
You might have aeady guessed this, but I LOVE my new head harness! The design is almost perfectly as I would have wished it to be. It fits neatly and tightly in place and, so far, has proved impossible to remove without undoing the buckles (which can be locked in place – so thoughts of ‘enforced’ longer term wearing are aeady in my head)
My new video camera – this is a cheap, but good quality, ‘go-pro’ type device that produces excellent images (can you spot the red dot on the shots from above?). I’m tempted to buy another one (or more) if I can get them at a decent price.
The rope-ratchet concept worked (despite the failings of other components – see below) and I was aeady planning on how to re-use this in a fresh attempt.
What could be improved?
My ‘securely attached’ dildo was anything but! I’m sure others will have experienced the same, but I’m amazed at how strong my sphincter muscles are, and the amount of effort required to overcome the initial resistance my ass has to being violated by anything - once I’m in the zone and enjoying being ‘ravished’ the problem seems to go away and at times I can be very ‘accommodating’ (though I still doubt I’m up to the sizes that some people seem to take with ease!). I was determined to fix that problem as soon as I could (see part 2). The position may not have helped, but there were moments when I felt things almost working and I’m not giving up on this idea.

Well, there you go - another session shared, I hope you enjoyed it.

Play safe 


The inspector

I think the issue with the dildo is the attachment to the solid pole. It almost needs to be “one unit” which would stop it moving around so much.

Either way it’s a good session! Thanks for sharing! You don’t help my urge for another session myself!
You know, if you get a peice of plastic pipe that will slip over the broom handle and the dildo, that will prevent the dildo from falling out of alinement.

The inspector

(28 Jul 2019, 12:02 )Tinker D Wrote: [ -> ]You know, if you get a peice of plastic pipe that will slip over the broom handle and the dildo, that will prevent the dildo from falling out of alinement.

Kind of what I had in mind, my thoughts lied along the dildo being one piece with the pole, almost like a broom handle, rounded end means a dildo and a pole in one of that makes sense? No point of failure then.
Correct. And when your done, just remove the pole from the tubing and that’s it.

The inspector

Be good if you could easily drill out the centre of a dildo and then but some threaded bar in with epoxy. Could have a removeable attachment then.
(28 Jul 2019, 15:46 )The inspector Wrote: [ -> ]Be good if you could easily drill out the centre of a dildo and then but some threaded bar in with epoxy. Could have a removeable attachment then.

just use an enhancer sheath and stick it over the broom handle.... simples!!