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Full Version: jacket for ratchet
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I often use a rope ratchet in my sessions, these cost just under 9€ where I live and they are great.


However I need to make sure I can't reach them or I'll be able to release my self by using the release latch on the ratchet or unhooking the carabiner.


Therefore I designed and printed a jacket for the ratchet so I won't be able to use the release latch.


It just slides over the ratchet and it's a tight fit. Replace the carabiner with a padlock and release will no longer be possible.


This will allow me to try some different self bondage positions, as I did managed to get out in the past. I'll try some tonight 😊

The inspector

That’s fantastic! That’s my biggest gripe with carabiners. Quick to close but equally as quick to escape.
Great idea. 😊
@Anne  can you share the STL file please?
might print one or two myself..
Here you go.

I printed it in ABS, medium quality, 65% infill.