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Full Version: Favourite drink.
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The inspector

What’s everyone’s tipple of choice? I’m currently through my second half litre bottle of Jack Daniels tenneseee honey since Monday. 😊
When I can afford it Ardbeg 10

The inspector

Good choice!
Alcoholic you mean? As I'm german, it must have to do something with beer 😊
Favourite choice is the Krombacher.
Besides that there are a lot of very nice whiskeys on the market...
Angel's Envy, double and neat. That's my choice go to any given day.
I'll go with sake anytime.
Buttershots shake with ice cream.
Or a Blended Long Island.
Other than that, martinis and gin .
Whisky for me, too! Preferably Single Malt Scotch!
Highland Park 18 or in the lower price-ranges Auchentoshan Three Woods or Balvenie Double Wood
I also collect rare bottles, it can be a good investment and worse case you have to drink them if they don't gain value 😉
Pu-er, jin-xuan tea, cappuccino, latte machiato, kefir for me, please 😋

Oh, and I like fresh juices and milk shakes!
Good thread, BTW!