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Full Version: A SB Session From A Couple Years Ago
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I'm so nervous writing this because I've only shared details of my sessions with MadJack, but I thought it was time to give it a try. Unfortunately I never took photos once I started the SB part of my play and these days my wife and I both work from home, but maybe a business trip will come up soon and I'll try to get some more "detailed" photos.

When I used to travel for work regularly, I would always bring a minimum amount of business clothing and stuff my suitcase with a wide variety of pantyhose, leotards, catsuits, heels, corsets, hoods, and bondage devices. I have a large collection that I have acquired over the years so the mix varies considerably, but those who know me on this site know that I'm a long term lycra and latex fetishist and tend to gravitate toward super tight outfits with the highest heels, tightest corsets, large plugs, strict hoods, gags, etc.

A typical session for me starts by filling the hotel room ice bucket with ice for a stocking ice release mechanism and cleaning myself thoroughly inside and out. The pleasant feeling of fullness is always a welcome beginning to a long night of self bondage as is the ritual of shaving. We all know that lycra feels so amazing on freshly shaved skin! Sometimes I carefully apply a bit of makeup before putting on a spandex hood to create the illusion of a decent looking woman looking back at me in the mirror. Next, I put some lube on my cock and balls and forced them into a thick latex sheath. The base of the sheath includes a strong latex band so once it is on, it isn't going anywhere. This is important because I get pretty physical when I play and the latex decreases the sensation enough to make an orgasm difficult, if not impossible. Then I ease my favorite huge plug into my ass that I bought the plug in San Francisco at Mr. S Leather, 5 pounds of solid metal. I love the way it feels from beginning to the end of my sessions, very cold at first, then warm but when I move my body around. It massages my prostate in all the right places. (steel butt-plug). Funny enough, when I bought it, the salesperson offered to help me wear it out of the store! I was actually tempted take him up on the offer, but I had a session scheduled with a local Mistress, but that's a story for another time...

The rest of my dressing goes quickly. First a pair of thick tights, then a bra with large breasts forms, then a turtleneck leotard followed by a gloved / footed shiny lycra catsuit, and heels with ankle straps. I complete the look with a heavy leather corset that crushes my waist from 34" to 28" By the time I'm finished pulling the laces by using the closet doorknob trick, I'm gasping for air. Finally I buckle on a large red ballgag, add my favorite leather hood, and put on leather ankle / wrist cuffs. Removing some ice from the bucket, I fill the end of a stocking and use a small padlock to lock it to one of my wrist cuffs. This was the moment I love... I take another small padlock and lock the other wrist cuff to the improvised ice lock. Now I'm trapped until the ice melts.

At this point, I take some time to enjoy my handiwork. I usually slowly teeter over to the full length mirror in the living room and am greeting with the image of a shiny, fetish doll. My cock strains again its latex sheath and the heft of the buttplug massages my insides. Even if I wanted to push it out, the leotard and tights insure that it isn't going anywhere. Sometimes a moment of panic set in. My jaw is aeady aching, my calves hurt, the corset is biting into me, the hood makes it hard to breath, but eventually I relax into my predicament. I walk around the room and the plug began to work its magic on my prostate making my cock harder and harder. I try rubbing myself against the arm of the couch, a chair, the bed, anything, and while it is exciting, I know I'm not going to able to cum like this.

Ten minutes into my self imposed torture feels like an hour and my feet are really beginning to ache so I sit down and enjoy the kinky thoughts running through my mind. Sitting pushes the plug into a new and even more enjoyable position and I have aeady setup my laptop to watch my favorite pantyhose, spandex, latex porn. The ice has barely melted, I'm horny as hell, and it's going to be awhile until I'm "free." Ah, self bondage bliss.

Here are a few photos I did take. Thanks for reading!