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Full Version: MJ-SB03/2019 – A tale of ice, chains and rope
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At last I felt confident that I wouldn’t be interrupted by the un-announced return of my GF, so it was time to add a proper ‘helplessness’ element to my self-bondage. Bring on the ice-cubes! 

x2 Tan pantyhose suit (no hood or gloves)
Gloss tan tights (Aristoc I think)
Body Control mini-dress
Cock cage
Vibrator and digital timer
5inch heels
Long Lycra gloves
Ring gag and ball
Leather wrist and ankle cuffs
Leather collar
Bra and silicon breast forms
Large purple butt-plug
Rope ratchet, ice-release bag and ice-cubes
Shackles and chains

The session:
A quick text exchange with my GF had innocently (I hope!) revealed she was fully committed to her work for the rest of the day and that gave me the confidence to go for some proper helplessness in my next self-bondage scene.

I love chair ties and have been thinking of ways to improve on how I make the final steps to true helplessness better and less risky – the challenge for me was to move away from a ‘hands-behind’ tie, as these are only comfortable for short times before either my shoulders start to complain or else my upper arms become really painfully pressed against the chair. The solution came from browsing through some older self-bondage pictures posted on Flickr by a person I’ve followed for years, who has some very impressive images of their attire and bondage sessions. By arranging a bar crosswise across the back of the chair I could bind my hands in front of my body, but still be tied to the chair – hopefully this will become clear in the following pictures.
You can see I’ve swopped back to a standard chair, with a strong plastic 50mm pipe lashed to the chair top. I’ve also pre-tied a few bits of rope to use later. I didn’t need to tie the short spreader bar in place, my body-weight would hold that securely, but I did wrap a little rope to stop it sliding side-to-side. What you can’t see is the ice-release which is secured to a substantial piece of furniture with two cubes slowly melting in their bag, the exit and my freedom blocked by a small metal ring. The rope ratchet was fixed to the bag so that I could tighten it up, but only escape when the ice released it.
One again I dressed in my bodysuits and tights as in the MJ-SB02/2019 session – and my ass was well stuffed with my biggest plug. As is almost always the case these days I was also wearing my bra and boobs, over which I’d pulled on the mini-dress/control top, then tightly laced on my corset. A stocking went over my head, a ball in my mouth followed by a second stocking and then my wig. I finished of with my 5inch heels and some leg cuffs.  
I was planning to include some stimulation, but wasn’t desperate to cum, so after rolling a condom on my cock I had also encased it in a knee-high before locking it tightly into my cock-cage (I won’t call it a chastity cage as when used like this I can get very, very erect, however it does seem to make it harder to cum) – what I love most about this cage is the strap that goes around my ball sack and is locked onto the main cage. I try to tighten that as much as possible as the feelings it creates are very arousing (at least to me!).  
My cock and balls where pulled forward from under my clothing onto the chair seat (one suit was aeady open-crotch the other and the tights had conveniently developed holes in the appropriate place which I’d opened a little more to allow everything to ‘hang-out’. I added a ring-gag to keep the ball in my mouth and also a leather collar around my neck.
A final touch was to attach the vibrator to my cock – this is an area I often struggle to get right, either failing to get the contact of vibrator to cock correct or else completely messing up the process and finding that the vibrator works off as it buzzes away. Both outcomes are incredibly frustrating and can dampen an otherwise great session (because I’m stuck with my error for at least 30-40mins, which gives me a long time to rue my failure!)
Time to get roping! I hooked my ankles up onto the spreader bar, locking them in place with the shackles through the leg cuffs. Next, I lashed my thighs and waist to the chair – this is an intrinsic element to my helplessness and I find the tightening of rope over my thighs very erotic. I also clipped the rope-ratchet to my collar, to keep it safe and to-hand for later.
The final stages where to pull on gloves, strap a pair of leather wrist cuffs on and reach for the chains. I clipped one end of each chain to a cuff and then joined the two chains in front of me to the free end of the rope ratchet. Next, I worked my elbows behind the bar tied to the top of chair back. All that remained to do was pull on the other end of the rope ratchet to slowly tighten up the chains as they where pulled away from me. Oh how I love that ‘click-click-click’ sound as my fate is slowly sealed.
Now I was trapped by my own devices – the tension on the chain pulled my elbows into the bar and my wrists forwards and away from my body. I couldn’t reach my opposite wrists to unclip the chain or undo the cuffs. My feet where lifted from the floor and my body lashed down to the chair.
As I enjoyed my helplessness the vibrator cut in for the first of it’s 8 cycles. Oh my, I’d forgotten how good it felt to be bound and tormented with no easy escape.
The only cloud on my horizon was a failure to properly secure the vibrator, resulting in a much lighter contact than I’d planned – sweet frustration and damnable torment at the same time!!
As the vibrator reached it’s 5th or possibly 6th cycle (it is easy to lose track when you’re having fun) my frustration proved to great and I manged to work my elbows out from the bar and partially freed myself.
I was disappointed that I’d managed to escape and quickly tried a variation on my bondage. Instead of the chains simply going forwards to be pulled in a sort of ‘U’ shape away from me, I threaded the chain through a D-ring in my collar, forming a more ‘Y’ shape through the collar ring. This proved to be much more effective and when I pulled the ratchet tight, I couldn’t move my elbows to slide them off the end of the bar that trapped me. Much better!
What went well?
Just being properly helpless was such a thrill – it had been far too long since I’d last experienced that.

The experiment with using a bar, behind my elbows, as part of a chair tie worked better than I’d expected and the second attempt was a real winner. There was a unexpected bonus that the use of the collar caused my head to be slightly bowed down in a very submissive pose. And it meant that the drool from my gagged mouth dripped onto my cock...

I love having my feet lifted up from the floor, it really does add an element of helplessness – this chair tie is one example, but I’ve also involved this in other ties and it is equally erotic to me.
What could be improved?
I missed the dress riding up and that slightly spoilt the aesthetics of what I was striving for – lessons learnt and I will try to avoid any ‘wardrobe malfunctions’ next time! 

The vibrator attachment, with subsequent slipping and poor contact against my cock is something I need to sort out – achieving frustration by design is one thing, but being frustrated by a technical failure is not the outcome I’m seeking.
All things considered this was another successful session, despite a couple of mis-fires, and there was more learning to improve future adventures.
Hope you enjoy the show as much as I enjoyed experiencing it for real – with a bit of luck and some free time there should be a video out soon too.
Play safe
I should have added that once again this session was inspired by @Bondagetom1  😉 

It was a homage to (and tease about) a storyline we had exchanged a month or so previously, where two people meet up in a hotel room and things get 'interesting'. This scene was actually a spin-off from a much longer storyline that we collaborated on last year, but it all gets the creative juices flowing (and others as well!  Blush )

Thanks for the inspiration Tom - keep them coming!

(23 May 2019, 11:05 )madjack Wrote: [ -> ]a storyline
(23 May 2019, 11:05 )madjack Wrote: [ -> ]a much longer storyline
... any chances to tidy the stories up and post them here?  Girl_angel
Actually... we can contribute 😉
Love the suntan pantyhose! Thanks for posting!