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Full Version: MJ-SB01/2019 – A Feast of Lycra
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This session was my first chance to really try out my new Zentai suit and the leotard/single-glove outfit. Personally, I lay all the blame for this outfit at Ra’s door, it was his championing of ‘A Huge sale on at AliExpress’ that finally broke down my resistance, leading to a number of impulse purchases. Two you will see here, but the third although massively sexy is too small for me (even in it’s 2XL size) – oh well… some you win. 

Nude Zentai suit with penis sheath
Leotard with single-arm glove
Lycra body-control top/dress
Cock rings (from chastity cage)
Ball-gag inside knee-high
Harness ball-gag
Ring gag
Lace panties
Bra and silicon breast forms
Penis shaped butt-plug

The session:
I wasn’t planning any bondage for this session, but as soon as I slid the butt-plug inside me I couldn’t help but reach for my gags and handcuffs, adding them to the pile of clothing aeady piled on my bed. False boobs went on, inside the bra, then I zipped myself into the suit and added the cock rings.


After a long sabbatical from anything remotely fetish related, I think you can tell that I was enjoying myself.
No time to waste so on with the leotard to see if it lived up to expectations.


The leotard has a crotch zip which seems to be more biased to female anatomy, but as you can see still worked for me.


The single arm/glove is attached to the leotard at the neck and has a zipper (for dual person play I guess) but the material is stretchy enough to leave the zip closed and slide my arms inside, one at a time. It felt very comfortable when I was ‘gloved’ and I could resist striking a few ‘poses’ for the camera.


I was having so much fun that I imagined what it might feel like if I was properly bound either in a hog-tie or face down and spread open… phew I was enjoying those fantasies!

Time to try a change – off with the leotard and on with a tight body-shaper top that doubles as a very short, sexy dress, plus some lace panties that appealed to me for some reason (and I was teasing @bondagetom1 too) 


I was messing around with gags, trying to decide which I preferred and imaging being bound. The harness gag was tried first; it was cheap and is now worn out, with stretched faux leather straps making it too easy to slide out of, though I still love the feeling of it tightened all around my head. The ring gag was next: this was suffering a similar fate, with stretched strap and all too easy to dislodge if I wanted to. It still makes me feel very ‘vulnerable’ with my mouth help open for anything to be inserted… 


The frustration of the first two gags failures was driving me to distraction and so removed the cock rings and quickly ball-gagged myself, sealing the gag in with knee-high over my aeady encased head. The knee-high prevents removal of the gag without my hands, it’s impossible to ‘rub’ or ‘spit’ the gag out of my mouth, plus the elastic nylon ‘forces’ the ball back in whenever I try to eject it from my mouth – nice! I cuffed my hands and yes, I know – should have been behind my back, but I was having fun! 

I was playing with myself, but without a condom over my cock an orgasm would make a mess, so self-control was the order of the day – all very frustrating but good training and building the arousal even more!

What went well?

I was worried that the Zentai suit would be too big, but I found the fit to be just about right. Maybe it could have been a bit more ‘tailored’ but for the price I’m not going to complain. The sheath is a bonus and I hope to be able to make more use of it in future sessions.

The leotard was literally a last-minute impulse buy and I’m so glad I got it. I love the feel of the single-glove when I’m in it.
What could be improved?

The single-arm is easy to get into, but also easy to get out of. I’m sure I can work out something to add a degree of difficulty to my escape – initial thoughts include a simple waist strap arrangement to pin my arms to my back and a metal D-ring sewn onto the end of the ‘glove’ to enable me to draw my arms down/up/away/in as wished. Watch this space – my mind is buzzing with ideas.

I seriously need to invest in some new gags or find a good DIY pattern to build some from. I love the idea of a head-harness with chin-strap and some better straps/buckles. I’m sure I can fabricate something out of nylon – anyone out there got any suggestions or experience? 

Ring-gag wise I would really like something that was more of a tube, also with chin-strap or similar to prevent easy removal. In the perfect world I would have a head-harness with various types of gag I could attach (ring, ball, tube, penis – you get the picture). I know you can buy these, but they are quite pricey and I love doing things on a budget if I can! 

And so ends the first of my 2019 Home-alone sessions – I’m nicely aroused and desperate to try some more serious self-bondage that I know will interest @bondagetom1 and others, almost as much as they will torment me. 

Nice! 😉

The inspector

Brilliant! Thanks for the photos!
Wonderful outfits, toys, and scenario MJ! You're inspiring me to post an adventure of my own soon!