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Full Version: Airport technology (x-ray)
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There's been a lot of stuff in the papers about technology that enables customs officials to 'see through' clothes.
What if we could reverse that?
There's too many different stuff mixed in one message 😉
- futa
- "x-ray"
- TV
- latex
- stockings
- high-heels
- vibrators and tools
- airport screening

Then you said "reverse". Do you mean:

- a naked person should look like a clad one
- create a similar device to see what's hidden on under clothes
- to figure out how everything is connected, what's worn on the picture and repeat that "style"

So, I'm a bit puzzled
Ah, I just meant the outer uniform looks a little little like a pervy version of what you might see a customs officer wearing. So if we could see under their clothes, rather than them seeing under ours...
Aha! I see now. Nice picture anyway 😉
This X-ray drawings look like tutorials on how to spice-up you daily life 😉
What is in your luggage?
(07 Mar 2011, 16:27 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]What is in your luggage?
(The right-side picture.) Is she smiling? Well, I would too at least for a short time. That position is likely to make legs fall asleep, and it gets hot too. There's an airpipe, I'm assuming. Is that a laptop for communications, or what is the box?
I hope you won't put that in the cargo hold. In El Al, they subject all luggage to a decompression test, and that can't be comfortable for living subjects...