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Full Version: The images with the origin of your fetish
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We all passed by. An image, a detail that paralyzes us causing us an impact impossible to describe. An anxiety and stress so great that we can only tolerate them through a first masturbation. And from then on we never let him go again.

Do you have a photo of those images with which you developed your fetishes?


I think my desire for the latex used in formal dresses started with two pictures of this lady. The way in which the folds are formed and the sensation of subtle and hidden eroticism made him irresistible. As if a nice person invited you to be part of their life and let the love for the latex extended to its formal intimacy, inviting you with a smile. That's how fantasy worked.

For years I keep the original photo in the same folder and gallery, and recently it occurred to me to retouch the photo to add the fetish for latex / leather masks and toilet seats. Today the image does not have the same effect, but at least it has been a beautiful starting point.


I like tights and swimsuits. Also various forms of female humiliation and school uniforms in my region. That's why at some point it occurred to me that I could form montages with images that combine all these things. I suppose it must be something quite common even though I rarely saw similar assemblies made by other people.


Some of these montages end up giving rise to silent stories. Instead of writing an erotic story on the side of a picture, what I do is imagine possibilities by the arranged images. It is so that fantasize with a femdom fond of subjecting boys to the humiliation of being forced to use diapers. In the same way, I think the same could be done with other suits and uniforms of erotic discipline.


Finally, Marylin Yusuf. I think many should know this model. She is usually very caught by a brand to wear elaborate formal uniforms. I think it is through these photos that I began to have desire to draw similar outfits with high collars, striking buttons and prominent cuffs to constrict adorable curves with severe discipline.

Anyway, these are some of my fetishes. They are not the oldest really but I think they are the ones that I could find in common with you.

Do you want to tell us about the origins of your passions, too?
Well, this is a really interesting subject and personally, I haven't think about "what has started my fetish" for years, so I took a bit of time and now, I remember...

First of all, my fetishes are (from most to less intense): vacuum bondage in plastic (in all its forms), latex vacbed, plastic bag breathplay, condom breathplay. All of this is most of the time done while masturbating...

So, one thing is sure, the first time I got anxious of seeing something "weird" was on TV. It appeared in the movie Darkman (1990). 


I remember my mother told me at this moment "You see how plastic bag are dangerous?"... Well, It just made me a bit more curious about it, so a few days later, I went into a closet and I put a plastic bag over my head. Very exciting ! I was only 9 !

In 2000, there wasn't internet access in my region: the only way I could get some bagging videos was to wait for it in front of the TV. I knew that Catwoman was very attractive and shiny, which also aroused something else in me, but I knew the best places I could see shiny stuff (latex, pvc, plastic) was on a French TV program called "Le plus grand cabaret du monde". Here is a picture of what we could find:


To be continued 😉..
My fetish for bondage was discovered in about 1995 when a friend and myself were using 14.4k dial up to browse any porn we could find. Somewhere in that time I saw a picture of a woman wearing latex tied spread eagle to a st. andrew's cross. My friend wasn't phased by that image, he saw it and was on to the next just as quick but it was burned in my brain forever.

My love for tight, shiny clothing comes from a couple of music videos that played on MTV ages ago. One of them I actually linked in a separate thread a couple weeks ago. Madonna's Human Nature needs no explanation, it has it all. The other one is En Vogue's My Lovin (You're Never Gonna Get it). The music in that song never did much for me but I watched it for the person in zentai dancing around. I saw that and knew I had to somehow get clothing like that.
I have no image. I was 4 years old, and a soap opera was on TV. A woman was laying down and the angle showed the bottoms of her feet in nylons. I was damaged forever!
In general, any TV sport featuring shiny Lycra.
For example speedskating - especially during the 80s.

I was quick to figure out the fabric was basically the same, used accross speedskating, swimming, speed cycling, aerobics etc.

Knowing how my little Speedos felt so pleasurable, I developed a keen eye for recorgnizing that specific Lycra sheen that pretty much guaranteed shiny looks coupled with the slickest of tactile sensations, but thanks to its elasticity, way more pliable and non restrictive than satin and silk.

Basically, I sort of hated speedskating on TV rcause it caused this ultra urge....especially when it was inappropriate most of the times.
Dance Magazine for me ( They had issues at the public library and those images from the 1990s of dancers in spandex stirred something in me that is a fetish staple even today! And the Sears / JC Penny catalogs as well, LOTS of spandex back in the day.
I think, for me, was the Riddler from the 1960s Batman. Followed by Catwoman.
Chastity belts came from an episode The Avengers, same year staring Emma Emma peel? ( sorry for spelling errors ). She locked in chastity shorts in some dungeon somewhere.
Also, I really Dig her leather jumpsuit .
Mine was a bit all over the place. Back in 2002, despite being 5 at the time, I was watching Sex & the City with my mom cause it was one of the rare types of things we actually did together. I recall one episode specifically where the girls were at a club and Samantha made a statement which went "Honey, everyone has a fetish". Now I'm from the Balkans, and being proficient in English back in the early 2000's was a rarity. And of course my mom wouldn't explain to me what a fetish was so I memorized the word. When I went to visit my family abroad a couple of months later (who had dial up and a computer) I looked it up. What I found was interesting, but being 5 at the time, I didn't really get it. Fast forward to 2004, I'm 7 now and I'm re-watching the first Matrix film. It was that scene with Trinity where she jumps into the air and kicks the Agents that really showcased her outfit. I asked my mom what material that was since I've never seen anything like that. She commented that its maybe PVC or Latex. Now I knew what was PVC since I still had those inflatables until recently cause I only just learned how to swim, so I knew it couldn't be that. So I memorized the word again and when I went for my annual visit to my family abroad I tried to look it up. I recall I kept getting Turkish airlines and something else completely unrelated. But then it clicked. I made the mistake of typing it as lateks, as the letter X doesn't exist in our language. So I tried it with the X and struck gold. I don't know whose video it was nor who the model was. I can't even recall where I found it. But it was a video of a woman in a red latex catsuit, head to toe covered in it. And the camera kept panning and moving up and down her body. It was almost like a showcase. But the camera work with how the latex looked and shined was hypnotic in its effect. I felt something like an almost animalistic urge, pure instinct kick in and I was captivated by the material ever since.
(13 Jul 2022, 21:36 )Kiryuusai Wrote: [ -> ]When I went to visit my family abroad a couple of months later (who had dial up and a computer) I looked it up. What I found was interesting, but being 5 at the time
I wish the Internet existed when I was 5 ...

(13 Jul 2022, 21:36 )Kiryuusai Wrote: [ -> ]I felt something like an almost animalistic urge, pure instinct kick in
Oh yes, I love those moments!