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Full Version: Drawings of Scatina ♠
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Oh, there was the message. Well, I should be more attentive next time. Although unfortunately I did not find there any notification of confirmation of registration of the other sites where I tried to enter recently. But it is good to check that the system of this page works well.
I met the actress Natalie Mars on twitter. Not only does he look adorable but he also has a marked fetish for the nosehook. I think that made me feel something warm in my chest. Finally I could make a little time and I dedicate this tribute

I took my time to detail and elaborate what I consider a nice uniform of erotic discipline. Do you have any idea if there is anything similar in the world?

A complement that I also add in drawings for my own enjoyment are toilet seats. These in practice could interfere with erotic sessions but I think that for the drawings is a humiliating and funny detail.

Illustration of the series "honeymoon femdom". I think all the things that this marriage does are very funny. The domination of women becomes hilarious

Do any of you have an affinity for messy and gunged images? I like the videos in which people get dirty little by little until, at a point of no return, they completely smear their faces. And from then on they continue in the enchastre. Although I find it hard to find videos of my liking since the magic breaks once the person gets naked

Anyway, I hope to continue sharing personal fantasies and commissions. I always put a little bit of me in each drawing
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