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Full Version: Where do you buy good tea?
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Any tea fans around? I used to buy Pu Er(h), Jin Xuan (milk Oolong) and smoked Lapsang on Aliexpress, but after all food-related items were banned by Ali, I've been looking for good shops on eBay.
OK, let's start with these shops:

The first teahouse
Dragon Tea House
China shopping outlet
China Shopping Mall

Ordering some tea right now...
BTW, I can recommend this eBay: grapefruit pu-erh


The tea indeed had the smell and taste of a grapefruit, the only problem - mine was too "dusty", most likely it's a feature of such "packages".
Wait just a minute?????
Grapefruit tea??

That looks like a... a... I don’t know what it looks like, but it doesn’t look good at all.
Pu'er is a strange tea, to begin with. It can ripen for decades, and, if done properly, becomes better with each year. The taste is also strange, but it's easily the only tea I drink nowadays.

And sometimes I drink Oolong milk tea (Jin Xuan - - the good ones are expensive and difficult to find.

(10 Feb 2019, 05:59 )Tinker D Wrote: [ -> ]Grapefruit tea??
It's actually pu'er tea ripened in a grapefruit.
So far I "settled" here: HealthTeaHouse Store. Very fast shipping, fantastic packing, and very good quality. Their Jin Xuan is, indeed, Jin Xuan, and not Tie Guan Yin. But I'm experimenting with their Pu Er. Just ordered two more types.
I love the blooming flower teas from Tea Bloom! I was introduced to them at Teasim, before Starbucks bought them and destroyed it.
Very expensive! I bought a couple from Ali when selling of tea was allowed. The look was fantastic, but the taste was mediocre 😁
I hear PG Tips (Monkey Tea) is going to be sold by Unilever 😟 I hope it doesn't change, I live on that stuff.

The alternatives, well, Twinings tastes OK but the way they treat their planters is (or was) shocking. Yorkshire tea is just pure tannic acid, bleugh!
I used to buy mine from "marriage frère" in Paris. I also sometimes buy from  But I'm now on bio tea only (well, almost) bought from a local store making their own tea :

They do not sold only yet but it's coming.  And if you pass by Brussel, then, you know where to go 😉
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