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Full Version: Faces like your own
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I made an interesting discovery which is related to female faces and TV.

Sometimes I see a woman with a face that I instantly like in a very affectionate way. It used to be hard to tell, what was so special about these faces, they are all a bit alike though. They aren't even beautiful and I couldn't really tell what was so special about exactly this type of faces.

Today, I played around with eyeliner, lipstick and a wig and there we go: These faces look just like mine, except that my face has aged the male way of course.

Now I wonder, is that just me, am I specifically fond of myself (though I don't really like my face) or is that pretty normal? It seems, that with a wife with the female version of my face should actually help spreading my very own DNA 😁 This question is no trouble for me, but I am curious to know if others know this effect too.

Please don't ask for pictures, as they would have to show my face and in this context, I would't like that 😉
Mmmm... I hope that's related and this is what you mean.

Every time I see a photo of a person of the same psycho-type (or personality type, or socionics type, there are 16 of them) I literally jump on my place. I'm not sure if it's a just a recognizing, or a energetic resonance, or something about DNA. Probably all three are related somehow.

I can't tell anything about make-up, though. I hate it since I was 14 or something, when I injured my eye, but still had to take part in a some kind of school semi-theatrical competition where I (among three other guys) had to play a house wife with a full theatrical make-up. It hurted so badly when I was washing it off...
Aha, this is interesting - psychotypes, socionics... I will add "sociotypes" and see what I can find on the internet.
Check this: . My wife and I have been studying socionics for quite a some time (as a hobby 😉