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Full Version: Oddball Latex Rubber Question
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Greetings there Folks.

This is a quite off the wall question. Allow some history first. I endeavor to make beer, the heavy "motor oil" sorts and hoppy IPA's, brews that let one know they are tasting something. Long ago I took heat for my tastes and back when it was not easy to find beers that were less than pedestrian I now relish that craft beers outsell all others now (at least in my corner of the USA.) I still know those that think Budweiser is beer... Nuff said there.

However, I have experimented with adding a "rubber" flavor and have met with terrible results. Apparently, almost all latex rubber has sulfur added to enhance rubbers natural qualities and make it stronger which is good with catsuits and rubbers. "Natural" rubber appears to be a misnomer as all attempts so far have a distinct bitterness I attribute to the vulcanization process, that of adding sulfur and apparently other ingredients. As with say Vanilla, the taste of pure Vanilla is not the same as when used as an ingredient. I have looked at "gum" rubber which by definition is pure and without additives though I admit to being at loss to determine whether this to be true. I do know Like Ra to have a broad knowledge base concerning latex rubber and assume there to be members here with chem/engineering experience far and above mine that may divine what I am attempting. I also hold that it may be impossible to add such a flavor simply by din of the nature of the material involved and perhaps this is simply erotic thought and an unrealistic pursuit.

So, I am appealing to those that certainly know more about this than I and am willing accept the idea that this may be a dead end. My appreciation for any assistance and insights.

Finest Regards,
Hmmm 🤔 ...
One of my deepest fetishes involves being absorbed by slime or rubber. I could imagine being turned on while drinking a beer with a rubbery flavor. It would be like experiencing (safely) the end-stage after the rubber has flowed over my body and now begins to enter my mouth.

I make beer as well, and I’d love to get the final recipie!
EEEuuuuu ?
A rubber beer??? Now that’s just wrong.
As for beer, I love a good stout.
My favorite was ones over in Sheffield, UK.

But ask this stupid question, what does rubber tast like, other than a salty taste one gets from a condom?
Good latex smells like vanilla, dark chocolate, a bit of coffee, and flowers of privet (Ligustrum vulgare) in the night.
Maybe we should a bartender about a rubber flavored ?.
After all, they can make a drink that tastes like an oatmeal cookie.
Maybe there is a rubber tasting drink all ready out there.
Rubber taste found in whiskey barrels.
More info.

Dear Wine Wizard, Here’s one problem you may have been asked about before. My finished wine has an aroma and taste of rubber and burnt toast, a bit like burnt rubber. Since I will be making more wine this year, I sure would like to know what I’m doing wrong. Would you let me know? Richard Larocque L’Orignal, Ontario The Wine Wizard replies: I can think of two possible causes of these flavors and smells. The first is over-oaking of your wine with highly toasted chips. If you are using chips, run bench trials to see what level of oakiness you like. Take small samples of your wine and add oak chips at varying rates. Taste the wine and see what level you best enjoy. If this is too involved, play it safe and go with a low rate like 1 g/L. The second possible cause is hydrogen disulfide or mercaptans. There are numerous potential pathways for these stinky compounds to get into your wine. Sulfur spraying in the vineyard too close to the harvest date is one possibility. Yeast

I get the first bottle. 😊
I think we’re on to something here...  Rofl2
Greetings again there Folks.

Thanks for the input. And...
"EEEuuuuu ?
A rubber beer??? Now that’s just wrong. (Tinker)

As for beer, I love a good stout" also from Tinker who went on to provide more details to which I am most grateful.

Yes, a good stout ( I tend to like the Brit types- the Ausie and especially Russian sorts tend to be heavy, high gravity. I like more the ones I am able to drink much of without finding the floor...)
Not long ago in beer terms it was pretty impossible to consider ales or beer with Blueberry, Grape or any of the "fruity" flavors about now and particularly Mexican brews have always had Lime added. Good that times have changed. I've experimented with things growing about in the fields and garden with mixed results- a few expressing "interest" though none I've felt worthy to repeat.

I'm still on the quest despite all the great replies as to the possibilities of achieving that taste and again am appealing to the chemistry engineering masters out there as to whether gum rubber (or any latex rubber) exists without the additives that impart(s) that bitter "sulphery" quality or again, even should such be worth the pursuit. I do, like Like Ra's explanation of a good Latex taste- a nice combination of interactions with the taste buds which of course would only appeal to a few. The mundanes and normals to visit these pages certainly would consider us "kooks" in need of meds or worse, much as those think about those over at SHQ. As I say, a few bits ago, different tasting brews would have been held by the general masses as weird as we.

So. any chem heads have any suggestions? I've attempted research regarding muting or negating the "sulfur" factor without result, mainly as I'm not sure how to present such a question and were anyone to understand the question, I expect they would have a jaundiced view as to the "why" and not get a lot of usable info. Peoples are after all pretty judgmental when presented with that outside of the norm. Let me add- one of my fav phrase is "Why Be Normal?"

Nuff said.

Thanks for any further advice and input.

Great Regards,
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