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Full Version: Pocket bra recommendations
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As the topic would imply, trying to find recommendations for a bra that will fit breast forms. What started as a foray into crossplay with a simple padded underwire bra from the local big retail place has evolved into a literal bag of bras. Fortunately, I've been blessed with a girlfriend who wears similar sizes as myself, so she's been inheriting my rejects. They may not have worked for me, but she says they've been some of the most comfortable bras she's ever worn. Even the mastectomy design ones have been repurposed for her comfort.

Many dollars have been spent online trying to find the one that feels best, but I'm still looking for that one that just...does it. 

Of course, this thread can be used for overall recommendations (preferably based on experience) for other members. Ali, eBay, online retailers, wherever folks can find and buy. Maybe it can join the "interesting finds" threads of other forums that I've found useful (or entertaining) many a times.

I'm personally trying to find something in the 44DD/E range that can fit full squeezable breast forms (not just hollow shapes) that have some weight to them, so a somewhat larger pocket opening. Admittedly, I'm looking for function and feel over fashion, so not too interested in frilly designs. Would like something that you can feel the forms under clothes (and possibly on your chest), so a plain silk/nylon cup without a stitch going through the middle would be preferable.
(09 Sep 2018, 18:08 )NeoPhoenixTE Wrote: [ -> ]I've been blessed with a girlfriend
... for many reasons ... 😉

Can't add anything ontopic, though - no experience.