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Full Version: tights4men migration
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Please do not be surprised by lots of freshly created new threads - the almost 15yo forum is being migrated to this site. To prevent flooding, the creation dates of the "new old" threads will be changed to the original date.

If you are not interested in such threads, just click on the blue dots to the left of the forum names to mark all related posts as "read".
I'm trying to hide the being migrated threads from the new posts on the right hand side panel of the forum (Latest threads), but it does not looks like it's working 😟
What are you trying to do, again?
I'm trying to prevent "spamming" the latest threads with the "new" threads that are being moved from another forum. There is an option in the admin panel to exclude some forums from appearing in the portal, but it does not work for some reason.
Are both threads from this site, or is the thread you’re trying to merge is from another site?
The idea is to clone all important threads from another site to this one.

I will keep moving them back in time, but before I do this, they will be hanging as "fresh" in the latest threads.
Can’t you just stuff them into an archive, so they won’t look like new threads?
(27 Sep 2018, 05:16 )Tinker D Wrote: [ -> ]Can’t you just stuff them into an archive, so they won’t look like new threads?
Basically, this is what I'm doing. I change the date of such threads to the original date, which can be 5-10-15 years ago. Archives (as .zip, .rar, .7z ? ) make no sense, as the posts are supposed to be browsable and readable, first of all for the search engines (that's one of the ideas behind the forum migration).
Ok, I’m thinking like a lazy file clerk here, so bear with me on this.
Your papers are stacked in a pile. By date. You get a new stack of papers to add to the pile. But these papers are backups, so you want them at the bottom of the stack. But, the clerk dumps them on the top of the pile, so you think it’s spam and chuck them in the can.

Is that about right?
You are not going to be able to merge the old files into the thread unless you create a clone thread, load the old files first. Then add the current thread on top.
Then rename the created thread to the oringle thread.
That would be the simplest way. Now, the older data will be hind the current data.

Like running COBOL with sequenual files on the 1130 or 360.