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She has lips?
I see your point 😁 But yes, and they are made from the same material 😁
[falls out of chair laughing]  Lol
Almost supernatural:

My kind of hypnosis... 😁 [animated] 
Blue Bübs? 😁

I like Bübs... 😁

Cold Bübs? 😁 [animated]
See-thru Bübs.  Good2
Red Lace Bübs 😊

(29 Aug 2018, 02:29 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]Let's save the whole post here:

Quote:Hey, Ladies! The cost of our of the box breast forms is out of this world. Sure, they come in one or two cup sizes up for around $50 dollars or so. Then there are those professional quality ones that are awesome and costly at $110. Yes, those would be fantastic to have, but if you are on a budget that is as tight as your corset, you may want to check this out.

You will need to buy a pack of 36" latex balloons. They can be found at Amazon for about $12 for a pack of 6. You will also need to grab the smallest pack of diapers from the local Whatever Mart you have near you.

Once you have those items you will take two balloons and two diapers ... and you can stop giving me that look, this works, stay with me.

Open the inside bottom of the diaper and you will find the absorbent material. Tear this stuff out and push it all into the balloon. The quantity of one diaper per balloon will be sufficient.

Once that is done, grab a measuring cup, a full cup will provide the best consistency in the mixture. Pour one cup of water into each balloon.

The material will swell up into a gelatinous mass several times its original size. Once this happens, you can squeeze out small, but equal portions from each one to achieve the size and weight that you want.

These home made forms do last for years. They do look great in a bra and in a tube top with a shelf bra.

Yes, to allay any questions or doubts, I have made and used these with fantastic results. I won't buy any boxed sets anymore. I'm all about that make.

Enjoy them and let me know how they worked out for you.

I've done this, but using Miracle Grow "water storing crystals" instead of the stuff in the diapers. (They're both the same "stuff", just different sources. And with the pack of Miracle Grow stuff, I can make A LOT of these.)
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